All In The Family Outdoor Rec

With more families spending time outdoors, a healthy side effect of the pandemic, awareness of sun protection is a focus. The majority of survey takers seek out both materials with SPF technology and lotions when participating in water sports, although lotions remain far more popular than textile treatments as a sun protective go-to.

That said, asked to rank performance features when purchasing outdoor gear for the family, sun protection ranked second, after “breathability,”  in a list consisting of eight different performance attributes.

Another trend emerging from Covid: heightened consumer interest in where their clothing is made. Not only that, but 60 percent of respondents report that the ability to trace a product’s manufacturing and material content make them more loyal to that brand.

However, survey participants are about three times more likely to search Google than browse a textile brand website for information specifics on fabric and finished goods.

The survey, conducted by MESH01, included 278 respondents, men and women, ages 18 to 60 who identify themselves as active and outdoors.