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Covering the most influential specialty markets: running, outdoor, team sports and performance textiles and materials.

Focused on key categories of footwear, vital to today’s retailer.
Published 10x each year.

+ Footwear Insight Extra

Weekly Digital Newsletter

Edited for product developers, designers, and sourcing executives. 
Published 6x each year.

+ Textile Insight Extra

Monthly Digital Newsletter

Edited for team sport dealers and team buyers at full line sporting goods retailers. 
Published 6x each year.

+ Team Insight Extra

Bi-weekly Digital Newsletter

Reaching the retail stores that drive the business in the outdoor category.
Published 4x each year.

Blending sports & style.
Published 6x each year.

Delivering cutting edge reporting of specialty markets. Providing what they need to know, when they need it, in a convenient format. Formula4Media’s business-to-business magazines target specific industry segments. Readers get exactly the information they need and our advertisers get precisely the markets they want.

Your Niche is Our Niche.

For Outstanding Customer Service of Independent Footwear Retailers

Our exclusive service ratings of the best sit & fit retailers in the country. Using criteria that was developed by a panel of store owners, we mystery shop more than 120 retailers and rate them on different data points.