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Consumers Not ‘All In’ on Sustainability


What stands out in our current survey is that sustainability is not yet a slam dunk with consumers. “Maybe” and “Somewhat” responses are sprinkled throughout, indicating that while aware of eco-responsibility, survey participants are not all in when it comes to living a sustainable lifestyle. Cost remains a stumbling block to purchasing sustainable apparel and footwear, with 58 percent of respondents hesitant to buy eco-forward items because “it costs more.” Another top takeaway from the survey is that considering the amount of talk within industry circles about certifications, supply chain traceability and product tracking, and textile-related issues like government legislation, consumers remain largely uninformed and/or disinterested in these topics. Of our survey respondents, 83 percent could not name an eco-certification. Also interesting is that emotions play a bigger role in motivating purchases than product performance, with “right thing to do” and “makes me feel good” top-ranked reasons to buy sustainable goods.

This survey conducted by MESH01 included 309 respondents, men and women, who are runners and trail runners. Trend Insight is a feature within Textile Insight that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform.MESH01 collects data from a select panel of active and outdoor enthusiasts.