Welcome Circular; Goodbye Take, Make & Dispose

The drumbeat for greater industry alignments and stronger collaborative partnerships has grown louder and the engines of eco-innovation are making noise on many fronts within the industry. We’re seeing successes in cutting edge technology and integration of forward-thinking design principles.

The U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol

The US cotton industry’s commitment to the environment has a strong regulatory framework: the U.S. Cotton Trust Protocol, a series of standards that farmers adhere to in the United States.

Can Cotton Close the Loop?

As environmental awareness grows in response to high-profile issues such as climate change and pollution, sustainability has become an increasingly important issue. Environmental sustainability means adopting practices that don’t deplete our natural resources or harm the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Extending Product Life

It is becoming increasingly clear how important changing consumer behavior is to achieve reductions in the environmental impact of textile and apparel products. Many brands are now turning to the Swedish firm Polygiene® for technologies that help provide a solution.

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Five Factors Influencing Market Dynamics

A dozen companies participated in our Altered States coverage, with execs taking time out of their busy days (“hectic” was often used to describe workday schedules) to respond to our questions. Here’s what they had to say about new ways of conducting business, while missing face-to-face experiences.

Tailored for Today

The origins of clothing sizes dates back to the 1800s with military uniforms for men, and slowly evolved into the domestic market. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) ushered in the next wave of sizing reform with a yearlong study titled Women’s Measurements for Garment and...

Industry Wants To Know

When the demand for masks and gowns was off the charts, in response to the COVID pandemic surge for personal protective equipment, the domestic textile industry mobilized. Companies invested in materials, created capacity, converted production lines and pumped out PPE like nobody’s business.

Security Meets Sustainability

While some pinpoint the Rana Plaza factory collapse tragedy as the tipping point, and others cite the impact of the pandemic as the real change-maker, all agree that the era of textile traceability has arrived.

Hip Hemp

Hemp is riding high this season, and for good reason. The natural fiber is durable, earth-friendly and hits the mark with multi-purpose functionality that includes inherent antimicrobial properties — all attributes top of mind with today’s active outdoorists.

All Together Now

2020 was a year for family. As the world was turned upside down, we went outside to right ourselves and let loose. According to the 2021 Outdoor Participation Trends Report (commissioned by the Outdoor Foundation), 53 percent of Americans ages six and over participated in outdoor recreation...

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PrimaLoft Targets Consumers in “Seek the Unseen” Ad

PrimaLoft’s first consumer-orientated brand campaign, “Seek the Unseen,” debuted last week and focuses on the unexpected, emotional moments of everyday life that often go unnoticed. “While we may be hidden from sight, we have a direct effect on the consumer experience,” explains Mike Joyce...

Noble Biomaterials Finds Head Space in Bike, Snow

Responding to consumer demands for cleaner, longer lasting antimicrobial technology, Noble Biomaterials offers a suite of treatments within its Ionic+ collection. The company reports that its newly branded antimicrobial is experiencing rapid growth within the helmet space garnering support from...

ISKO Innovates Wellness Product for Apparel

Global denim ingredient brand ISKO will introduce ISKO RHEACT, a patented, cutting-edge garment manufacturing solution designed for wellness benefits through the application of woven compression. The different patented fabric options ensure that it will appeal to a wide audience.

Dimension-Polyant Achieves Sustainability Goals

Leading sailcloth manufacturer and developer of X-Pac performance pack fabrics, Dimension Polyant, has unveiled a new cradle-to-gate cleenTEC seal and prioritized a sustainability program around climate-neutrality, sustainably sourced materials, longevity of product and recycling methods for...

A Quick Spin Around the Marketplace

Microban International has named Michael Ruby president of the corporation and Graham Harvey as senior director of business development for the global built-in business. The team also welcomes Bart Kennedy as the new senior director of business development leading the global textiles team.

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