Chasing Circularity

In this season’s swirl of sustainability developments, companies are taking impactful action to accelerate change.

3 Mistakes You May Be Making When Developing Cotton Products (And How To Fix Them)

Are you making these avoidable mistakes when working with cotton?

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Chasing Circularity

In this season’s swirl of sustainability developments, companies are taking impactful action to accelerate change.

Rags to Resources

Textile waste is the USA’s fastest growing waste stream. Fast fashion companies encourage over-consumption with cheap clothing that is trendy one day, trash the next.

Design Goes Digital

It was only a handful of years ago that Fashion Week kicked off the new season, with giant fashion houses dictating trends. Designers used mood boards for inspiration and relied on trend consultants for a color palette.

Industry Trailblazers

David Parkes and Amber Brookman, Industry pioneers and outdoor trailblazers, put performance textiles on the map with creative product development and clever marketing.

Long Live Footwear

Maybe it’s the cross-category appeal, or that the concept is easily relatable on a personal as well as product level, but “longevity” is this year’s “it” word.

Springtime for Sustainability

With 2030 eco goals on the horizon and the industry facing a flurry of state and government legislation regarding recycling and chemical usage, the textile community is primed for action on all fronts.

Modern Eco-Minded Shopping Patterns

Habits old and new come into play when consumers shop for sustainable goods. Attitudes are shifting, according to our most recent survey, with respondents placing more importance on eco-friendly footwear and clothing and becoming less turned off by the cost of responsibly-made products.

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Woolmark Announces Performance Challenge Winners

The Woolmark Company and Salomon recently named prize winners in the Woolmark Performance Challenge 2022, an innovation and ideas incubation program for the sports and performance market. More than 191 universities from 25 countries participated in this year’s program.

Polartec Names 2022 Apex Award Winners

Twelve standout products were recently proclaimed winners in Polartec’s 2022 Apex Awards, an annual design event that celebrates the brands and designers pushing the boundaries to turn Polartec fabric technologies into inspiring products across sport, lifestyle, and performance categories.

Cotton Incorporated Highlights 3D Collection

What would it take to reduce plastic waste and replace it with natural materials that have a better sustainability profile? According to a post from the company, that’s one of the questions researchers at Cotton Incorporated asked themselves before delving into a multi-year project...

Season’s Greeting from Textile Insight

The textile community delivered exciting developments throughout 2022, greeting the season in good spirits. Wishing everyone a happy, healthy holiday and New Year!

Boost Your Brand’s Sustainability Goals with Recycled Fasteners

Is your active apparel brand on track for reaching your sustainability goals? If not, you’re not alone. On average, just one-quarter of leading apparel brands met their sustainability goals for reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic packaging by 2020. Today’s high costs for recyclable materials can create additional challenges.

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