July / August 2021 Issue

Retaking the Field

The summer of 2021 is a time of rebirth and re-opening for America and, thankfully, for the team sports business as well. As more state and local governments and agencies give the go-ahead for a full reopening, the team market is enthusiastically ramping back up to full strength.

Past Magazine Features

Team Players

Over the past few years and lately accelerated by the pandemic, there has been a shifting dynamic in the relationship between team dealers and their vendor partners — and it’s not all for the better.

Filling A Void In A Local Team Market

Taking advantage of local conditions, including the sale of Johnny Mac’s and Nill Bros. to BSN Sports, the owner of St. Louis-based soccer specialty store Soccer Master has taken the unusual (these days) step to expand into becoming a full-line team dealer.

Fourth and Long for Football in America

Going back an extra season for accurate numbers, the big-picture participation numbers for tackle football in the U.S. remain solid, if not spectacular. (COVID-19’s impact was so severe that the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) didn’t conduct...

The 1-On-1 Project: Part 3

Amy Watts’ journey in team sales began in 1995 in Wichita, KS, working for Athletic Attic Team Sales. Over a span of 10 years she sold team, licensed and corporate apparel prior to her division being sold to Nebraska Sports Industries.

Solid Sales

Never have socks been more important in the world of team sports — not because navigating the ever-changing landscape brought on by COVID-19 has been so difficult, but because this simple staple of a player’s uniform seems to offer a sense of stability and reliability.

Net Effect

After more than a year of dealing with pandemic-mandated school closings, season cancellations and social distancing that decimated brick-and-mortar sales in most parts of the country, there is finally some good news for team dealers selling big-ticket items such as goals and nets...

Deep Route

Football is always in season. If it’s not the regular season, then it’s the pre-season, the post-season, the off-season. And, of course there is the tried and true belief in the football-mad southern states that there are only two seasons in sports: Football and Spring Football.

Hot for 2021!

Hot new products as girls’ and women’s sports take center stage in a challenging year. There is no shortage of new products being designed specifically for the female athlete. New for 2021 are trend-right, high-performance and good-looking gear and apparel, with some of the best...

What Dads Want For Their Athletic Daughters

Do fathers know what their daughters want and need for their team sports? Team Insight went to the source and asked five dads around the country how they feel about the products they buy for their young athletes — and if they even have a say in that purchase.

Cheer Up!

Cheerleaders use an incredible amount of apparel, equipment, accessories and footwear and they have to buy it from someone. An editor's first-person account of a competitive cheer competition.

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NFHS Mandates Equipment Changes in High School Softball

Along with a number of rule changes impacting purchases in upcoming seasons, team dealers will want to be aware of two significant player equipment changes involving the wearing of head coverings and beads recently approved for...

NFL and Nike Boosting Flag Football League

The continuing growth of flag football at all levels is evident in the recent news that the American Flag Football League (AFFL) is headed into its fourth season and that fans will have an opportunity to to own a piece of the league through the launch of its investment campaign on SeedInvest.

NCAA Changes Uniform Patch Rule

In an effort to create more consistency on uniforms and to allow for more decipherable patches, the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel (PROP) recently approved the following rules change for all sports effective with the 2021-22 seasons...

Skims Is Official Underwear of the U.S. Olympic Team

With the Tokyo Olympics about to take center stage, one brand that is involved but will hardly receive any exposure at all (hopefully) is Kim Kardashian West’s shapewear brand, Skims, which is providing the official underwear, loungewear and pajamas for female American athletes.

BSN Acquires Billings Sports, Sportline Team Sports

In two more significant team dealer acquisitions, BSN Sports last month acquired Billings Sports, based in Meriden, CT, and more recently Sportline Team Sports, based in Arvada, CO.

Big Pickleball Moves: Onix With PPA and Franklin With USA Pickleball

Who says pickleball is just a sport for ex-tennis players, retirees and school kids? Earlier this month two major partnerships were announced that continue to bring the oddly-named sport into the mainstream.

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