July/August 2022 Issue

On Deck

On the surface, youth baseball and fast-pitch softball appear to be thriving — and they are in many cases if you take a look at playing fields and bleachers across America.

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New Playbook

Over the past two years, the pandemic left the entire team sports industry reeling, but now that the virus is finally (hopefully) entering the endemic phase, football is ready to reassert its dominance and many dealers are experiencing a welcome surge in sales.

Going for the Goal

The Team Insight Vendor Roundtable on Goals and Nets looks at challenges and opportunities. Let’s start with the big question: How has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your business?

Pandemic Survival Guide: Team Dealers Talk About How They Survived COVID-19 (So Far)

As we reflect on the past two years in the world of team sports, every team dealer and sporting goods retailer has his or her own story to tell about how they and their employees coped with COVID-19 and its subsequent lockdowns, disrupted seasons, supply chain challenges and...

Best Foot Forward

The selection of team socks for Fall ’22 continues to expand with high-tech fabrics setting the pace.

Seeing the Light

Light Helmets, first established in 2018 as SG Helmets, was the brainchild of former racecar driver Bill Simpson, who also founded Simpson Racing and Impact. After meeting Simpson, current Light Helmets CEO Nick Esayian and a group of partners and investors purchased the assets of SG Helmets and...

SV Sports Ups Its Team Sports Game.

There’s a new player in the team sports game that is actually a totally revamped old player familiar to almost everyone in the business. It happened last year when SV Sports, formerly Schuylkill Valley Sporting Goods, was acquired by...

The 1-On-1 Project: Part 7

Let’s talk team sports in general first. You’ve been in this business a long time ­­— how does the current state of the business compare to “the good old days?” In a lot of ways, our business is harder. We are dealing with...

Right On Time

With few exceptions, 2020 and 2021 were not banner years for team sports participation or sales, female or male, but as the pandemic enters the endemic phase and spring arrives, renewed hope and fresh opportunities for the team market are blossoming.

Pay It Forward

Girls’ soccer is back on the pitch and the newfound momentum among schools, clubs and select teams is good news for dealers and soccer specialty stores alike.

Fast Break

Prior to the pandemic basketball was on a tear, with total participation jumping 11.4 percent from 2019 to 2020, according to the SFIA’s 2021 Topline Report. The organization also found that basketball was ranked the number one sport that kids ages 6-12 and 13-17...

Bright Diamonds

Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth — and this year for the full return of a girls’ fast-pitch softball season. That news is as welcome to team dealers as warmer weather, lower gas prices and on-time delivery of the products they ordered for the season.

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Female-Specific Soccer Shoe Design Wins SFIA Start-up Challenge

Ida Sports, a sports footwear company based in Melbourne, Australia, led by co-founders Laura Youngson and Ben Sandhu with a mission to make the best shoes in the world for female athletes, has won The Sports and Fitness Industry Association (SFIA) 2022 Start-Up Challenge.

Rawlings Releases Inaugural NFTs to Showcase Rare Baseball Gloves

Taking a major leap into the digital world, Rawlings Sporting Goods has made its first entry into the Web3 world. This new digital venture marks the first of its kind for the long-established baseball and softball brand...

Olympia Sports To Close Remaining 35 Stores

Illustrating the continued evolution of brick-and-mortar stores in a new retail environment, news came out last month that Olympia Sports, which at one time boasted more than 200 stores on the East Coast, is closing its remaining 35 locations.

School and Pro Deals Not Paying Off for Team Brands

Two recent news items indicate that the shine may be off of major sponsorship deals involving team sports brands and various schools or professional leagues.

Inflation Impacting Back-to-School And College Spending

In what could actually be viewed as a be a bit of positive news for team dealers and sporting goods retailers that sell back-to-school products, the annual survey recently released by the National Retail Federation and Prosper Insights & Analytics found that...

Rawlings Acquires Jack Corbett Hollywood Bases

In addition to its foray into the digital world [See story above] Rawlings Sporting Goods made a more basic move last month with the acquisition of the Jack Corbett Hollywood Bases brand from Schutt Sports, Inc., adding field bases and accessories to its list of officially licensed MLB categories.

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