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Welcome to sportstyle

sportstyle is a combination of stories offering the best of Formula4Media — a curated collection of feature stories from the latest editions of our stable of magazines, with an eye on what’s new and what’s next. Our feature stories aim to resonate with all of our specialty retailers and the brands that support them.

Formula4Media, led by our Editorial Director Cara Griffin with our vertical publications Footwear Insight, Outdoor Insight, Team Insight, Textile Insight and digital newsletters, is in the unique position to report on business trends and new product developments that are important to their respective specialty markets in the industry. Readers will see ideas, challenges and inspirations from other markets similar to their own, bringing back the true nature of a broader horizontal business publication.

We believe it’s the perfect mix of performance, fashion and lifestyle edited for the retail communities that we know and understand.

Jeff Nott
CEO & Publisher