Reaching the retail stores that drive the business in the outdoor category.
Fresh content and visibility, during and after the winter and summer markets. 
We believe in the foundation and success of independent specialty brick-and-mortar stores. Shopping is not just about commerce. There’s something called the in-store experience. Product knowledge. The touching and feeling of product. The personal touch. The curated assortment and exciting impulse purchases. The trusted service after the purchase. And, the customer’s immediate gratification.  

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New Year, New Boots

Tell them what you want. Consumers are raising their voices about what is fit for their feet. Whether for work or outdoor activities, the boots in our closet circa 2019 just aren’t cutting it any longer.

Roaring Back

There is no denying that participation and sales for most team sports, male and female, experienced setbacks during the key pandemic years of 2020 and 2021 — but 2022 thankfully marked a bit of turnaround.

Looking Beyond to Find Planet-Friendly, Future-Wise Materials

A little bit of everything is generating reason for optimism in 2023 within the textile business. Supply chain headaches are subsiding while excitement about product innovation in the pipeline is on the rise.

Directional Developments

The upcoming Fall/Winter 2024/25 season is packed with possibilities. Innovation is rampant in today’s textile offerings achieving new levels of eco-performance as suppliers continue to create trendsetting solutions that feature functionality and maximum sustainability.