SUmmer 2022 Issue

Peak Performers

Built to outlast the everchanging outdoor elements, the Kari Traa Voss Hiking Jacket features a water-repellent treatment, partial mesh lining and ventilation zips for extra breathability. A long cut dropped back hem, weather-sealed construction seams and adjustable hood keep rain out...

As the world strives toward a greener future, many retail brand owners and retailers have identified sustainability goals that align with their corporate strategic and operational goals. Often, brand leaders focus on using recycled textiles or cutting carbon emissions.

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Spotlight: New Products 2022

Spotlighting standout new gear for 2022 — for on the snow, on the trail, or off.

A New Path

Backpacks – and the materials that anchor them – are getting an upgrade. Textiles are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the latest pack offerings, for both casual adventurers and hardcore outdoorists — they are high performance, lightweight and sustainable.

The Boot Book: Sure Footed

New Boots for 2022 Boast an Increased Focus on Sustainability, Along with a Continued Focus on Hybrid Styles and Innovation in Comfort and Performance.

Outdoor Industry by The Numbers

The numbers tell the story. Take a spin around the outdoor industry, from sales figures to participation trends and beyond.

All In the Details

Lightweight, eco-conscious and thoughtfully designed. The latest outdoor apparel offerings are dialed in on performance for all. Here are some new products and initiatives to take note of.

Innovation for All

Outdoor participation is up, and brands are meeting the moment, remaining focused on performance and tech in new products, while keeping the needs of newbies and casual outdoor participants in mind.

The Boot Book: Best Foot Forward

Whether for work or play, shoppers know what they want from their boots, and in laundry list fashion. As society continues to emerge from the pandemic, many consumers are looking to buy shoes that complement a new array of ever-changing endeavors.

End Insight: Going Up

Casual Outdoor Participation Is Rising, Q2 Footwear Sales Are Strong, Hooked on Fishing. 53% of Americans ages 6 and over participated in outdoor recreation at least once in 2020, the highest participation rate ever recorded.

Magazine Archives

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We believe in the foundation and success of independent specialty brick-and-mortar stores.

Shopping is not just about commerce. There’s something called the in-store experience. Product knowledge. The touching and feeling of product. The personal touch. The curated assortment and exciting impulse purchases. The trusted service after the purchase. And, the customer’s immediate gratification.  

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