Upgrade Your Technology Systems to Improve Profitability


Independent Retailers,

As a result of unexpected change and forced closures, you’re right to assume that you’ll have too much inventory that’s aged and cash flow concerns when the national pause is over. So, what can you do about it and how are you preparing for the other side of this crisis?

The RICS Software team is available to help you make the most of this downtime by providing a free assessment of your technology systems.

If you want to discover why over 1,500 independent retail stores use RICS, contact at Keith.Keokuk@RICSsoftware.com or 317-275-5941. For all new customers, we’re offering a 50% off discount on our services. This offer will end on 5/31/2020, so don’t wait to contact us to secure the discount even if you want to go-live later in 2020 (use code FOOTWEARINSIGHT).

If you’re a RICS client, call us or email at support@ricssoftware.com. We’ve helped hundreds of clients over the past two weeks get questions answered, implement e-commerce integrations, and try new marketing tools. We’re with you 100% of the way.

Best wishes to you and yours to be safe, healthy, and happy!

Jason Becker
RICS Software, Chief Executive Officer

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