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VF Corp. Operations Impacted by Cyberattack


VF Corp., parent company of Vans, Timberland and The North Face, disclosed its Dec. 13 discovery of a cyberattack breach on its systems in a public filing on Monday. The company, which has initiated an incident investigation with experts and been forced to shut down some systems, confirmed that the cyberattack has created some unspecified disruptions to operations. Those interruptions have impacted VF’s ability to service its retail and brand e-commerce consumers and wholesale customers through the fulfillment of orders, but orders can be made on most of the company’s e-commerce sites globally.

Besides encrypting some VF systems, the cyber criminals also stole data from the company including personal information. In its brief statement on the matter, the group said the “full scope, nature and impact” of the incident are not yet known.

VFC shares closed down by nearly 7.8 percent after announcing the cyberattack and data theft.