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Customer Attrition and What to Do About It

Strategic Planning

Outsourcing the Extra Talent You Need

Know Your Numbers

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Should You Pay Your Shoe Sales Staff Commissions?

Commission sales does a fabulous job of building loyalty to your store. Excellent training is paramount to running a proper commission-based store.

Proper Clearance Sale Strategy & Tactics

Every store owner should carefully craft a strategy for how they liquidate merchandise.

Planning for the Future

I've been thinking about the events of this past year, which included my retirement from the retail shoe business (40 years) as well as my board service to the NSRA trade association (29 years).

Meeting Customer Service Expectations

Your store’s ability to provide a high level of customer service will set your store apart from all your competitors. I’ve believed it for decades, practiced it, trained my staff and encouraged other retailers to “up their game” and improve what goes on when customers come shopping.

How Retailers Can Find the Right Vendors

Managing a profitable retail footwear business requires merchandising the right vendor partners. Selecting them is part art and part science. However, with proper attention to the details and by conducting research and seeking input from others...

How to Acquire Top Talent

If you are going to hire staff, you should aspire to hire top talent. Top Talent includes special people who have super human strengths in various forms and they are worth every penny of what they earn.