Twisted X - Sustainability Comes Second Nature To Us


From creating new fabrics out of recycled plastics to exploring new techniques for construction, TwistedX® holistically evaluates every step of the industry for environmentally responsible footwear and production without compromising quality and performance.


Small changes can make a big impact. That’s why we look to nature for inspiration when it comes to creating the eco-friendly materials for our products. To date, we’ve engineered new product materials using marino sheep wool, cork bark, sugar molasses, bamboo, algae, and rice husks. Our ecoTWX® fabric is created by deconstructing recycled plastic bottles and weaving the fiber into knit material. For every pair of our ecoTWX footwear sold, we plant a tree to help aid in the US tree restoration.

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We question the status quo. In 2020, TwistedX launched the Zero-X collection, a line of eco-forward footwear that replaced the use of harsh chemical adhesives and detrimental production techniques with a robust, interlocking stitching system. Utilizing rice husk outsoles, bamboo laces, and ecoTWX fabric, the ZeroX collection features eco-friendly materials and for every pair sold, we plant a tree to help aid in the US tree reforestation. They are incredibly comfortable too!

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We believe the earth is worth protecting. We have partnered with One Tree Planted in aiding the tree population and to date, we have planted more than 200,000 trees, restoring over 4,000 acres of US forests. We have joined the Arctic shipping pledge, vowing to not ship through Arctic waters that are now accessible due to climate change.

Our production processes are strategically designed to minimize waste and leftover materials. Our shoe boxes are made from 85% recycled materials and our marketing materials utilize soy-based ink, recycled paper, and small-batch printing to prevent overproduction and waste.

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