Fitted Announces First Ever B2B Marketplace


We couldn’t be more excited to announce the launch of Dynamic Distribution. Access and move product directly from other retailers across the entire Fitted Network. It’s secure and anonymous. Fulfillers get paid immediately. And, no more resorting to asking your buddies if they have a product that they could send over. Win. Win. Win.

Dynamic Distribution turns your in-stock inventory into a live, accessible, smart asset that you can choose to liquidate or add to at any time on a case-by-case, day-by-day basis.

Any retailer can join the Fitted Dynamic Distribution Network and immediately become a Buyer and/or fulfiller.

Regardless if you rely on Fitted's turnkey ecommerce solution, have your own ecommerce solution, or are strictly brick & mortar, your store can quickly join the Fitted Dynamic Distribution Network and have access to product that is currently out of stock in your stores or from manufacturers.

Easily move over-inventoried or older product - optimizing inventory and turns.

Over-stocked on a particular item, ordered too much, have several of the same color shoe? If so, you can become a Fulfiller and easily make your inventory available on Fitted’s Dynamic Distribution network. As order requests come in you can pick and choose whether to and which to accept.

Increase guest experience and customer satisfaction.

Have more product available at your fingertips for quick delivery and help “never miss a sale!"

Transactions are secure and anonymous.

Fitted's software makes each B2B transaction seamless, anonymous and secure. Brands can rest assured that only previously approved retail partners will have access to their product within the Fitted Network.

To learn more, reach out to Jennifer Hazard ( or visit

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