Comfort That Never Compromises


In 2020, the U.S. apparel industry faced one of its largest drops in yearly sales by 19 percent, with footwear falling by 27 percent according to an analysis by The NPD Group. Despite total sales declining across all sectors of fashion, one category saw an increase – comfort wear.

Amidst lockdowns, comfort accelerated beyond all expectations within the footwear industry. Consumers spent more time at home and outdoors than at social gatherings and reunions. Employees began working from home and essential workers began working so much they were never home. The shoes consumers originally searched for on their pre-pandemic shelf became the most outdated footwear in the closet while shoes prioritizing comfort and functionality were being worn daily.

Regardless of whether consumers adopt more permanent work-from-home routines or not, the demand for comfortable footwear is here to stay. According to Fashion Week, 70 percent of consumers reported they plan to dress just as or more casually than they did prior to the pandemic.

As millions nationwide adjust to a new normal, the desire for comfort wear is anything but new. Brands claim to sell comfort-forward footwear lines, but why can’t all categories make you feel like you’re walking on clouds? The footwear industry is faced with an important question - how can we create comfortable footwear for all consumers without compromising on fashion and function?

Since 2005, Twisted X has dedicated its business to creating handcrafted footwear with sustainability and innovation at the forefront of every aspect within the company. Twisted X is revolutionizing the industry through innovation, taking footwear to the next level with comfortable styles long-time consumers have come to know and love even prior to the pandemic.

Twisted X holds a shared commitment to bring to market a new innovation or technology every six months. Whether it is work, outdoor, casual lifestyle or western collections, Twisted X strives to provide consumers with this cloud-like comfort from first to last wear without compromising style or function. The brand’s unique approach to footwear starts at the core and aims to enhance the experience of any wearer. For Twisted X, comfort isn’t an afterthought – it's mandatory.

The brand developed its own patent-pending CellStretch® comfort technology, a one-of-a-kind comfort system that responds by activating more than 100 individual pressure point of cloud-like comfort. With every step, comfort cells in the heel and forefoot compress and rebound to provide customized and unparalleled support.

All of Twisted X’s styles are designed with the consumer and their needs in mind. For western and work, Twisted X places a strong importance on long-lasting durability, as these consumers live rugged lifestyles and are on their feet for extended periods of time. Twisted X lifestyle and outdoor collections are lightweight and composed of sustainable materials that provide the ultimate comfort and pair perfect for any casual outing.

Recently, Twisted X launched the Tech X collection, the first western boot in Twisted X’s history to utilize CellStretch technology in its construction. This patent-pending technology provides revolutionary comfort while preserving the classic profile of the cowboy and staying true styling that the traditional western consumer demand. The era of the cowboy boot has seen little-to-no upgrade in this area until now, as compared to ever-changing lifestyle and athletic styles.

Tech X is just one example of how Twisted X is paving the way toward a new chapter in footwear innovation. Revolutionizing new and different is just part of the product DNA. Twisted X has been innovating across all four product categories for the last decade. Starting with offering the Original Driving Moc more than 10 years ago, the first casual for the true cowboy to Zero-X a collection that touts no glue. Twisted X continues to push and grow.

“Twisted X is continuously seeking ways to bring innovative concepts and comfort technologies to the footwear industry. It has become something that our consumers not only appreciate, but expect from us,” said Twisted X CEO Prasad Reddy. “We pride ourselves on always pushing for better. The word ‘no’ is not in our vocabulary. If there is a way. We will figure it out.”

Footwear brands should be constantly innovating, evolving and looking at what is next to stay ahead of the curve, as that is the cornerstone of a successful approach. At Twisted X, the top priority is to provide people, partners and communities with the ultimate footwear for any occasion and season. The key to Twisted X’s long-lasting success has always been listening to the needs of its consumers.

There is one thing that can always be relied upon even amidst the unexpected: Twisted X provides comfort that never compromises.

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