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Face Masks

Face Time

As a newly evolving category in the run marketplace, face masks are still finding their footing. Some businesses in the running market, for example, see mask sales as an opportunity, while other businesses, even though supporting the wearing of masks, balk at the responsibility of choosing...

The Mask Rundown

Running masks are a newly evolving category filled with opportunity, if you can get past the challenges. Brands and retailers share their learnings in attempts to accommodate customers.

Face It

Just as health experts are urging universal mask-wearing in public places when social distancing is not possible, more athletes are making masks part of their uniform and workout gear as schools and other organizations struggle to return to play in the fall of 2020.

AntiViral Textiles Take Off

Innovation in anti-viral textiles in response to the COVID-19 crisis is taking off with ingredient suppliers around the world contributing new treatments to help protect from coronavirus. It will be a technology to watch in performance products in the upcoming seasons.

One Billion Gowns by August

The COVID-19 pandemic could well have been the demise of the U.S. textile and apparel industry. Instead, it has presented the industry with an opportunity to respond in a cooperative effort that may harbinger the development of a robust vertical supply chain in the U.S. and Western Hemisphere.

The Performance Pivot

Industry and consumers alike have responded to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic by shifting to a new normal that requires face masks and routine safety measures. This change, so fast paced and unexpected, has intensified thinking about the future of textiles engineered for protection and...

Champro, Fox River Making Protective Masks

Following up on the CDC’s new recommendation that everyone should wear a cloth face cover in public settings, a number of team sports suppliers have shifted production to making protective face masks.

Badger Sport Performance Activity Masks Raising Funds for First Responders

Founder Sport Group, a provider of performance athletic apparel, this week reported initial sales of more than $14,000 of its Badger Performance Activity Masks, all of which is being donated to the All Clear Foundation; a 501c3 organization dedicated to improving...

SanMar Part of Coalition Making Face Masks

SanMar, the Seattle,WA-based apparel and accessories supplier, is part of a coalition of U.S. apparel companies working with the White House to build a supply chain to produce millions of much-needed face masks.