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Bringing Consumers into the Loop

As the textile industry pushes toward circularity and away from the conventional linear system, consumers are becoming the newest link in a modern supply chain. We feature companies creatively engaging a contemporary consumer audience.

Uncharted Territory

Facing a host of challenges in 2020, textile firms set forth to discover how to engage with their audience by boldly going where industry never dared to go before: the virtual world. And now, having found success online with initiatives launched over the course of the past year and into...

Netting Zero

As industry continues its quest to advance from a linear system to a circular economy, Aquafil is expanding our understanding of what’s possible now, as well what will come next in terms of the continuous recyclability of products derived from waste.

Upbeat on Recycled Down

The landscape of recycled down is changing as momentum builds around circularity throughout the textile supply chain and spills over as brands heighten “reuse” themed storytelling marketed to consumers. Recent industry achievements reflect this new environment, bringing energy and...

eVent Technology President Outlines Business Opportunities

Last week I caught up with Chad Kelly, president of eVent Technology, to get a quick update on the company and chat about business challenges as well as industry bright spots. A self-described “gearhead,” Kelly started his career in outdoor specialty retail and worked as a rep before pivoting to...

Fall ‘21 Season Ushers in Sustainability Stand Outs

Eco-conscious product development hits a new high in Fall ‘21 in styles that feature responsible materials and manufacturing. Biodegradability, ocean plastics recycling and regenerative practices are now boxes to check in today’s advancement of circularity and a climate-positive approach...

In My View: The State of Industry Gatherings 2021

What a difference a year makes. Online is the new in-person, trade shows last for weeks not days, and textiles are presented to customers without the ability to touch or feel fabric. These COVID-influenced 2020 business trends have not served the textile industry particularly well.

Is Finland the Future for Textile Circularity?

From innovative materials and business models to an upcoming Nordic recycling hub, Finland is bringing to market a slew of answers to challenges facing the textile industry. “By replacing primary raw materials with recycled components or using, for example, wood-based...

Performance for All: A New Era of Enthusiast

Determining what the consumer wants in the months and years ahead is really anybody’s guess because if there is one thing we’ve all learned during our collective COVID experience in 2020 it’s that even the best-laid plans can quickly go out the window.

What to Watch in 2021

From Spiber’s Brewed Protein to Yakima Chief Ranches’ breeding of new hop varieties, innovation is brewing in the material world. While there aren’t yet game-changing textiles derived from beer, demand for highly-functional eco-alternatives along with wider acceptance of biotech offerings...