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Eco Elevated

Technology that brings sustainability to the table with ambitious innovation and appealing aesthetics is the order of the day when it comes to satisfying the desires and demands of the performance textiles marketplace currently.

The Big Picture

Sustainability and supply chain issues are defining how the textile business advances. We take a deep dive into the industry’s outlook on these two hot topics.

Supply Chain Is Today’s Hot Button Issue

Navigating sourcing disruptions is a daunting task that has become even more stressful in 2022 with ongoing lockdowns in China, war in Ukraine and rampant price increases.

Cordura x Sapphire Capsule Collection Debuts at ORSM

Cordura’s NYCO fabric is the cornerstone of this new Sapphire Capsule Collection that will preview at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market upcoming in June.

TMC Develops Durable Performance RePurposed Wool

New Zealand-based TMC Ltd., has introduced Herculan, a patented technology developed by making ground-up modifications to TMC’s proprietary Nuyarn spinning machines, enabling the equipment to accommodate strong wool...

Message Received

The dialog around performance is changing. Lines of communication are blurring, visual is the new verbal and digital is today’s universal language. While many factors are contributing to this shift in how we talk about functional textiles, what remains steady is our desire for, and...

Eco Performance Shines at Functional Fabric Fair

The Functional Fabric Fair Spring edition made its debut in Portland, OR earlier this month with solid attendance, an upbeat vibe and industry focus on the journey to carbon neutrality. The two day, in-person event, powered by Performance Days, showcased 296 fabrics in its Forum area along with...

Struktur Returns & Re-Unites the Creative Community

“The future is not only bright, it is techno-colored,” stated Nadine Johnson, whose pitch-perfect presentation on the metaverse kicked off Struktur, a conference for creatives, making a welcome return earlier this month after a few years hiatus.

Material Exchange Raises Funds to Lead Sustainable Material Sourcing

Stockholm-based Material Exchange, a B2B digital material sourcing marketplace for the apparel and footwear industry, has achieved its next round of Series A investment, closing in on €25 million (approximately $27M U.S).

Responsible Packaging Moves Forward as an Industry Standard

Anyone visiting a ski shop during the Fall season has witnessed piles of product packaging leftover from recently unwrapped inventory. “It’s like a powder day of plastic,” commented Peter Arlein, founder/CEO of the Colorado-based firm mountainFLOW eco-wax.

Tailored Performance

The latest material innovations elevate not only how footwear functions but also how it feels. This is achieved in a few different ways: Some suppliers prefer materials that are hard, while others lean into materials that are soft, with both camps looking for a product that is “just right.”

A New Dress Code

It used to be that all it took to stay warm during the cold days of winter was a next-to-skin layer of clothing for wicking, a midlayer for warmth, outerwear for weather protection and you were good to go. It was a simple, straightforward system for snow days.

Message Received

The dialog around performance is changing. Lines of communication are blurring, visual is the new verbal and digital is today’s universal language. While many factors are contributing to this shift in how we talk about functional textiles, what remains steady is our desire for, and...

A Values-Driven Vision

Having endured delays and disruption constantly over the past two years, ranging from rising material costs to slowdowns in production along with a roster of other issues, textile businesses are increasingly looking to gain control of their supply chains.

An All-Encompassing Sustainability Event

Two of the hottest topics in textiles were center stage last week when experts from industry and academia gathered to discuss circularity and alternative fibers during an event hosted by The Wilson College of Textiles at North Carolina State University (NCSU).

The State of Retail and the Consumer in 2022

Retail sales were up 14 percent in 2021, the highest retail growth in 20 years, but a variety of factors give shape to a very different landscape for the year ahead. Sales are expected to move forward at a sustainable rate in 2022 but at a slower pace than the past year...

Erem Steps Up Sustainability and Staffing

Sustainable footwear brand Erem has announced four new hires to keep pace with rapid growth. Launched last November, Erem’s eco vision is seen in all aspects of the company’s ethos, from development to end-of-life solutions.

Standard Fiber Launches Carbon Offset Initiative

Building upon the company’s sustainable platform to help reduce environmental impact, Standard Fiber, a global supplier to the home textile market, is investing in carbon offsets for all cargo containers of textiles it exports from Asia to customers in the U.S. and...

Unifi Forecasts $1.1B in Revenue in Fiscal 2025

Earlier this month Unifi’s leadership team shared that fiscal 2022 revenues are expected to surpass $800 million, and the company has set a goal of achieving $1.1 billion or more of revenues in fiscal 2025.

LYCRA’s Dual Comfort Tech Targets “New Utility” Trend

The LYCRA Company’s latest development provides functional performance benefits with sustainable features for ready-to-wear and wovens. Called LYCRA Dual Comfort, the technology combines comfortable stretch and cooling properties with long-lasting shape retention.

NILIT Accelerates Sustainable Innovation with New Leadership

Nilit has announced organizational changes that reinforce the company’s commitment to sustainability. Sagee Aran will lead product development and commercialization initiatives and Michelle Lea has joined the company to direct worldwide marketing programs.

3M Thinsulate Xerogel Insulation Wins ISPO Award

3M’s Thinsulate Xerogel Insulation has won an ISPO Textrends 2023/24 Top Ten Award that recognizes the latest textile-based innovations for sports and outdoor apparel. An international jury of textile and sporting experts assessed a wide range of new textile-based products before...

Industry Updates - February 2022

Spinnova and adidas Unveil First Commercial Product: The Terrex HS1 hoodie makes its debut as the first adidas product made with sustainable Spinnova fibers marking the first time Spinnova sustainable material is available globally for consumers.

Textile Show & Tell: New Ideas, Business Models Transform How Industry Connects

Want to learn the latest developments in materials, sourcing and sustainability happening in denim? The Turkish denim mill ORTA invites textile execs to hop on a hot air balloon ride through the Turkish countryside and enjoy an immersive sensory virtual reality experience...

Cordura Debuts Recycled Nylon 6,6 at Outdoor Retailer

Cordura’s new re/cor RN66, launching at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver this week, is “durable, responsible and innovated to last,” according to the company, which highlights the quantifiable benefits of its recycled nylon 6,6 product, versus virgin nylon 6,6.