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Welcome Circular; Goodbye Take, Make & Dispose

The drumbeat for greater industry alignments and stronger collaborative partnerships has grown louder and the engines of eco-innovation are making noise on many fronts within the industry. We’re seeing successes in cutting edge technology and integration of forward-thinking design principles.

Textile Show & Tell: New Ideas, Business Models Transform How Industry Connects

Want to learn the latest developments in materials, sourcing and sustainability happening in denim? The Turkish denim mill ORTA invites textile execs to hop on a hot air balloon ride through the Turkish countryside and enjoy an immersive sensory virtual reality experience...

The Scene: We Gather Together 2021-Style

Right out of the gate the prevailing attitude in Portland was let’s get down to business. Booths were busy as attendees and exhibitors alike made the most of being in-person under one roof for two days to see and touch the latest fabrications previewing at the Functional Fabric Fair 2021...

What’s New & Niche-y

A grab bag of market trends set the pace for this season’s footwear collections. Sustainability, vegan, plant-based, and performance all come into play in styles that feature material innovations developed for a modern eco-active, value-driven consumer lifestyle. In other words, shoes launched...

The Buzz: Market Drivers, Product Highlights, Trade Shows

Hands down, sustainability was the central issue of last week’s Functional Fabric Fair in Portland, OR. From the Focus Topic: The Sustainable Future of Nylon, to the buzz about bio-based and plant-based performance, to circular design, to the impact of climate change on...

A Salute to Sustainability

The uniform market is underserved when it comes to sustainability and circular economy,” states Amelia Eleiter, Debrand co-founder, who points out the importance of the uniform supply industry.

A Healthy Bedtime Story

Hologenix CEO Seth Casden reviews the wellness sleepwear market and explains why his Celliant product is a healthy fit for this growth category.

Color it Green

Whether it’s a product concept, a marketing campaign, or a design development, shades of sustainability dominate the denim landscape. At the recent Kingpins24 virtual trade event panel discussions were rife with eco commentary and talk of circularity.

The Trends: Closing the Loop with Responsible Performance

The Performance Forum is considered a must-see at Functional Fabric Fair for finding inspiration from the latest and greatest materials. Made up of 293 fabrics and 30 accessories – hand selected from a surge of product entries – and organized by category...

PrimaLoft Targets Consumers in “Seek the Unseen” Ad

PrimaLoft’s first consumer-orientated brand campaign, “Seek the Unseen,” debuted last week and focuses on the unexpected, emotional moments of everyday life that often go unnoticed. “While we may be hidden from sight, we have a direct effect on the consumer experience,” explains Mike Joyce...