trend insight

Consumer Understanding of Performance Textiles


The value of functional fabrics is resonating loud and clear with consumers in 2023. Individuals not only have a better understanding of the technical benefits of today’s performance textiles, and how to layer properly for comfort and protection during exercise, but they also show interest in future fabric developments, such as creating materials from textile waste. For example, 78 percent of survey takers would be inspired to buy goods from companies that highlight apparel made with waste. And here’s the kicker: 68 percent report being willing to pay for it. While social media plays a role in purchasing decisions, the majority of survey participants are not influenced by “Influencers.” Instead, respondents look to outdoor brands as a source of product knowledge, along with checking out websites of textile companies that supply fabric technologies.

This survey conducted by MESH01 included 315 respondents, men and women active and outdoors.Trend Insight is a feature within sportstyle  that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform.MESH01 collects data from a select panel of active and outdoor enthusiasts.