The Future of GCI Outdoor


Last year, after 25 years as innovators in the outdoor industry, GCI Outdoor was acquired by Gathr Outdoors (previously the MacNeill Pride Group). With the acquisition, a new journey has begun, and the future has never been brighter.

In addition to GCI Outdoor, Gathr is the parent company to other rising (and already shining) stars in the outdoor industry, including ORCA Coolers, Klymit, Cascadia Vehicle Tents, Rightline Gear and PrideSports. Together as a family of brands, they have a very specific purpose: Inspire time spent together outdoors by promoting a passion for adventures big and small. A very simple statement with a very big message.

GCI spent over two decades building their presence and reputation in the outdoor industry by creating innovative, quality gear made to increase your comfort in the outdoors, whether that’s at your child’s soccer game, camping or hanging out in your backyard. The benefit of being part of Gathr Outdoors is that together, the brands create experiences. Each brand’s products seamlessly and dependably ensure the consumer can focus on what matters most: Time together outside.

Picture yourself going to a tailgate. What do you bring? Comfortable chairs (GCI), tables for snacks (GCI), a cooler and cups to keep your drinks cold (ORCA), a truck canopy for shade (Rightline), or maybe a blanket for cooler days (Klymit). Pick a scenario where you are outdoors, and it is almost guaranteed that you could easily incorporate at least two Gathr brands into your experience. That is what Gathr is all about.

Where does this leave GCI Outdoor? Right where they left off – bringing new and innovative products to the outdoor industry. In 2022, they are releasing several new products, including two compact tables with a larger seating capacity. They also listened to customer feedback and added a brand-new version of the Freestyle Rocker to their line of portable rockers – the Freestyle Rocker™ with Side Table! With deep, dual cup holders, a phone stand and room for snacks or essentials, you’ll never need to leave your seat (except to get more snacks!).

Two other products they are excited to bring to the outdoor market are the Freestyle Rocker XL™ and the Freestyle Rocker XL™ with Side Table. These rockers have a 400 lb weight capacity, making comfort in the outdoors more accessible for those who need their chair to have a little more space and durability.

In addition to the new tables and rockers, GCI has come out with the Legz Up Lounger™ – a brand new reclining lounger utilizing the Legz Up Technology™ that they first featured in the Freeform Zero Gravity Lounger™. Recline or sit upright. Raise your legs up or keep them down. The choice is yours!

While GCI Outdoor is still settling into their new position within Gathr Outdoors, one thing is for certain – excitement for what the future will bring is high, so stay tuned to see what 2023 brings!