New eVent BIO Technology Combines Sustainability and All-Weather Performance


With a 20-year history of keeping users dry and comfortable in the widest range of temperatures and conditions, eVent fabrics maintains some of the industry’s highest performance standards. When the brand began development on a sustainable membrane technology, the objective was to develop an eco-friendly product that met the all-weather performance needs of today’s consumer.

Enter eVent BIO, a waterproof membrane that’s derived from highly renewable and sustainably sourced castor beans. The bio-based membrane is light, durable and flexible while providing waterproof and windproof protection.

“As we evaluated a wide range of membrane technologies that met our sustainability targets, it was difficult to find a composition that provided the durability and waterproof protection users have come to expect from eVent,” said eVent fabrics President Chad Kelly. “We believe eVent BIO is one of the most sustainable and highest performing membrane technologies on the market today.”

Grown in semi-arid and sub-tropical climates in Asia and Africa, the castor bean is a fast-growing and naturally drought resistant perennial that doesn’t compete with food crops or contribute to deforestation. With its short growth cycle, the castor bean provides farmers with a highly profitable and renewable crop that can be harvested multiple times annually.

eVent BIO is available with recycled face fabrics to allow brands to develop more sustainable outwear while delivering all-weather protection, high breathability and stretch comfort for end users.