Boost Your Brand’s Sustainability Goals with Recycled Fasteners


Is your active apparel brand on track for reaching your sustainability goals? If not, you’re not alone. On average, just one-quarter of leading apparel brands met their sustainability goals for reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic packaging by 2020. Today’s high costs for recyclable materials can create additional challenges.  

At Avery Dennison, we understand how critical it is to provide sustainable solutions to the brands we serve. It’s part of our problem-solving culture to help you outperform your goals. We collaborate with you to reduce landfill waste with simple, low-cost solutions. After all, why disturb your entire supply chain and incur high costs along your sustainability journey?

Download our infographic to learn more about sustainable solutions.

Versatile Fastener Solutions for Apparel Brands

Plastic fasteners, which attach price tags and other product information to garments, are on 90% of the approximately 80 billion garments manufactured each year. That translates to 72 billion fasteners with a single-use plastic fastener.

What if you could close your sustainability gap by using plastic fasteners that are made from recycled water bottles and nylon carpeting?

Switching to Ecotach™ fasteners is an easy, expensive way to achieve your sustainability goals.

Ecotach™ sustainable fasteners were designed to meet the needs of environmentally conscious apparel retailers and brand owners who want to reduce their environmental footprint. We offer apparel brands like yours with affordable, sustainable solutions at a fraction of a cent per garment.

Our two types of fasteners, each with an assortment of options, reduce waste and boost sustainability:

  • Ecotach™ recycled (rPET) fasteners contain at least 90% post-consumer waste from recycle water bottles. Each case of the fasteners reduces waste by more than 528 plastic bottles. The fasteners are available in 13 standard colors that can be PantoneÆ matched to your preferences.
  • Ecotach™ recycled (rPA) fasteners use at least 70% post-consumer waste from recycled carpets. These fasteners are available globally in half-inch and two-inch lengths on dark and light grey color clips.

We’ll work closely with your apparel brand to select the right fastener for your garment’s sustainability journey.

SCS Certification Backs Your Sustainability Claims

All Ecotach™ recycled content sustainable fasteners were tested and then accredited by SCS Global Services, an international third-party leader for environmental, sustainability and quality performance certification. When you use brand uses Ecotach™ fasteners on your apparel, the certification transfers to your brand, allowing you to promote the post-consumer waste claims.

Avery Dennison shares your commitment to sustainable solutions and making the world a better place. We’ll help you determine the fastener option that best helps your brand meet its sustainability goals and reduce your environmental footprint.

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