A Rejuvenated eVent Eyes Growth & Innovation


Despite the many challenges the COVID-19 pandemic presented across the textile industry in 2020, eVent fabrics drew on its rich history to double down on innovation, refine its business model and rechart the company's path to better serve the market and meet the needs of today's consumer.


Following its recent acquisition by Performax Pro, eVent fabrics now has the backing of a committed ownership group with an established global footprint and textile expertise. The new structure has helped eVent strengthen operations and expand its robust partner network.

“With 20 years of experience with eVent fabrics, I’m especially excited about what the future holds for our team and our brand partners,” said eVent fabrics President Chad Kelly. “With committed ownership, a renewed focus on innovation and a comprehensive supply chain, we’re well positioned for growth."

“We pride ourselves on taking a hands-on approach in an industry that’s often transactional and doesn’t provide the service and support brands need.”


With the industry’s most comprehensive assortment of air permeable waterproof, windproof and all-weather ePTFE technologies, the brand has expanded its line to include a new bio-based membrane technology. eVent Bio uses sustainable materials to provide the all-weather protection and performance users have come to expect from eVent fabrics. At the technology’s core is the highly renewable and smartly-sourced castor bean, which when converted into a nylon resin results in a light, tough and flexible membrane. The bio-based nylon has a reduced carbon footprint, and the membrane is recyclable and degradable. eVent Bio is available in an assortment of standard and recycled laminates that combine high breathability with degrees of stretch comfort.


Brands don’t have to go it alone. Supported by a team with more than 150 years of collective industry experience, brands around the globe partner with eVent fabrics to create high performance all-weather apparel, footwear and accessories. In addition to providing consultation throughout the development process, eVent offers technical support to ensure manufacturers have the latest training and know-how.

“From start-ups to iconic brands, we provide support and expertise throughout the product development cycle,” said eVent fabrics President Chad Kelly. “We pride ourselves on taking a hands-on approach in an industry that’s often transactional and doesn’t provide the service and support brands need.”


During its 20-year history, eVent fabrics has built an international supply chain and exclusive partnerships with some of the world’s leading laminators. One of the ways eVent differentiates its offering is through a flexible development strategy. Brands get access to a wide range of laminates from Europe and Asia and the ability to source fabrics from an established network of leading textile mills.

To learn more about eVent fabrics and its comprehensive line of high-performance membrane technologies, visit www.eventfabrics.com or contact the team.