What Active Consumers Want Right Now

Spring is here and consumers are ready. After a year where we saw COVID-influenced lifestyle changes have a seismic impact on both the activity trends of consumers and the shopping habits of consumers, the next stage of this evolution is here. Based on our most recent consumer survey, these are a few things we might expect: Fitness walking will remain red hot. More than 60 percent of respondents say they are participating in the activity. Running and strength training are also riding high, both above the 50 percent mark as popular activities.Sneakers are on consumers’ shopping lists for spring. More than 75 percent of our survey takers said they are interested in buying sneakers now, closely followed by casual shoes, running shoes and sandals.The number one trait that consumers told us they want in their footwear? Comfort.

The survey, conducted by MESH01, included 321 respondents, men and women, ages 18 to 60 who identify themselves as active and outdoors.