New Shopping Behaviors For a New Year

The survey, conducted by MESH01, included 400 respondents, male and female.

Supply chain issues have been front and center for months, ushering in everything from rising prices and fewer products on retail shelves to new levels of shopping frustration. And consumers have opinions about it. Our latest survey of active adults reveals how supply chain-related trends are influencing consumer shopping expectations and buying decision-making.

Sixty-one percent of our survey respondents say that supply chain issues have impacted their ability to find the specific footwear or apparel they are looking to buy. Also of note, 67% of the participants in our latest survey say they will move on to other product options if a first choice is not readily available.

While 57% say they have seen increased prices for footwear and apparel in recent months, more than half (51%) say they are still spending the same amount on said purcahses. When it comes to who should bear the brunt of price increases on products, 54% of our consumer respondents say manufacturers should take the hit, while 31% say the consumer should, and only 16% say retailers should pay the price.

We also asked about the growing awareness of recovery as part of fitness routines. While more than half of respondents say they have not purchased recovery products, 22% say they have bought recovery footwear. A trend to keep an eye on for sure.