Supplier Update: Launches, Collabs & Eco Efforts

Worker at SAYA’s Taiwan Factory.

Taiwanese fiber/textile manufacturer Nan Ya Plastics has launched a new brand called SAYA based on R&D focused on new sources for recycled fibers and defined by strong, more consistent recycled fibers with functional attributes targeting the performance marketplace.

The brand architecture headlines SAYA 365 made with plastic bottles sourced from Asia and other locations worldwide. According to the company, a proprietary, five-stage filtration process followed by two stages of purification result in batch optimized flakes and pellets ready to be transformed into performance fibers. The result is enhanced tenacity strength, dyeing accuracy, and brighter whites compared to conventional recycled fibers.

Other SAYA qualities are specialized recycling programs called SAYA Coastal, SAYA USA and SAYA Next. The SAYA Next category offers three unique recycling solutions focused on the issue of industrial waste. All are currently available except for SAYA Next Garma, which is slated to debut later in 2021.

Hyosung and Lenzing, looking to ride the work from home trend, teamed up to provide a new collection of performance fabrics ideal for comfortable, sustainable and attractive loungewear and activewear. The Home Everywhere collection is comprised of three fabric concept groups, a variety of unique blends that feature Lenzing’s cellulose fibers and Hyosung’s range of multi-function spandex, polyester and nylon fibers. Key categories are defined as Deep, Rich Color, Soft Touch, and Functional.

Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, EMEA marketing director, Hyosung, says, “Collaboration is the way forward as the textile industry seeks creative and performance solutions throughout the value chain and to meet changing market dynamics.”

“With COVID-19, consumers are becoming more mindful of the world around them, triggering a greater demand for sustainable products that can help safeguard the planet,” said Andreas Guertler, senior manager global business development active sportswear at Lenzing.

Oeko-Tex MADE IN GREEN label is participating in Amazon’s #Climate Pledge Friendly program that aims to make it easier for shoppers to find more sustainable products. The Climate Pledge Friendly label, which will be shown on more than 25,000 products, signifies to customers that the products have one or more of 19 different sustainability certifications that help preserve the natural world.

Oeko-Tex is one of the third-party entities certifying Climate Pledge Friendly products with its MADE IN GREEN label. Amazon evaluated hundreds of external sustainability certifications and chose organizations that certify products that have demonstrated environmentally related sustainability benefits.

MADE IN GREEN takes a holistic approach by testing products for harmful substances, verifying that manufacturers meet strict environmental sustainability standards and ensuring employers protect worker health and wellbeing.

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