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On the Path to Circularity, Smartwool Launches “Pet” Project

Smartwool partnered with NC-based Material Return to turn donated socks into eco-friendly, dog-friendly Camp Cushions.

Smartwool’s new recycling campaign turns used socks into sustainable dog beds. The program kicked off earlier this month in celebration of National Sock Day with the launch of the Second Cut K9 Camp Cushion, a dog bed made from recycled sock shreddings to help reduce the impact textile waste has on the environment, and help meet Smartwool’s goal to become 100 percent  100 percent circular by 2030.

Smartwool devised the Second Cut Project in April to address end-of-life waste; only 12 percent of clothing materials are recycled globally and socks are one of the most thrown away pieces of apparel. Since the program’s launch, Smartwool has collected more than 90,000 worn down, mismatched socks for recycling through its community, which has kept over 12,000 pounds of material out of landfills, according to the brand.

Smartwool partnered with Material Return, a North-Carolina based platform for custom circularity to turn the donated socks into the Camp Cushion. Material Return is part of The Industrial Commons group focused on local and sustainable solutions to textile manufacturing and waste. “The textile manufacturing industry in the southeast U.S. is experiencing a resurgence, and critically – one that is sustainable, cooperative and benefiting local communities” said Molly Hemstreet, co-executive director of The Industrial Commons.