Mask Use & Exercise Defining Aspects of Covid Experience

Our complete Trend Insight Consumer survey is available in the Jan/Feb issue of Textile Insight.

Whether actually worn or not, face coverings are now recognized as a mainstream lifestyle item. Results from our recent Trend Insight Consumer survey not only confirm this trend but also reveal that masks have become a must-have fitness accessory; 54 percent of our survey takers stated that a face covering is “an essential part of their active wardrobe.”

The January 2021 survey drilled down on mask purchasing behavior. For example, according to respondents, “fit” is the top priority in decision-making when buying a face covering, out ranking “fabric” by a two to one ratio for the second spot.

Interestingly, with all the talk about antimicrobials in the age of COVID, just six percent of individuals surveyed highlighted “antimicrobial” as a characteristic influencing their face covering purchase.

Just as mask wearing increased last year, so too, did exercise. While the pandemic has put a hold on many positive aspects of everyday life, surveys show exercise is an exception. For example, our Trend Insight survey on “How Consumers Stay Fit in the Age of COVID,” trying a new sport and  purchasing new gear emerged as a defining aspect of the 2020 COVID-19 experience. And face coverings are a new part of an activewear wardrobe.

The top five sports with a double-digit participation boost last year include: strength training, yoga, fitness walking, at home subscription-based training and running, based on what our survey of 373 active and outdoorsy consumers told us.

See the complete consumer survey here.

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