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Hyosung Presents FW 23/24 Textile Trends at ISPO


Hyosung’s Fashion Design Center’s textile mega-trend for FW 23/24 is called Interconnected Future. Divided into four sub-trends and subsequent themes, the Fashion Design Center (FDC) team recommends a number of Hyosung’s multi-functional and sustainable yarns and apparel applications – most notably the company’s new 3rd party certified creora bio-based spandex made with bio-based materials derived from industrial corn, along with its MIPAN regen ocean recycled nylon made from discarded fishing nets.

Concept garments made with recommended yarns from the FDC FW 23/24 Textile Trends will feature at the ISPO trade show in Munich next week. Additionally, detailed information on FDC’s FW 23/24 Textile Trends will be available in the weekly Trend Byte series on Hyosung’s  Performance Textiles blog and LinkedIn page.

Lewis Hong, team/general manager, Hyosung Fashion Design Center, explains, “For FW 23/24, we foresee textile trends focusing on materials that are kind to our environment and provide multi-function and comfort. Practical aesthetics and interesting surface detail are also important now that we are able to personally engage in community once again.”

Interconnected Future’s four textile sub-trends are called Sport Smart, Exploration of Outdoors, Practical Aesthetics, and Science of Comfort.  

Sport Smart centers on essential base layers, functional leisure hybrids, and smart technology for in-home and IRL gyms. Futuristic meta streetwear is also highlighted. Outdoors themes include textiles that level up protection, comfy, functional knit mid-layers, and functional outerwear for urban nomads. Practical Aesthetics focuses on textiles suited for comfortable office-ready apparel, loungewear with fashionable detail and textural interest, and tactile fleece fabrics. Science of Comfort reveals that more diverse, sustainable fibers are leading the way in next-to-skin layers, with soft compression and added technical properties, along with all-day performance comfort loungewear.