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HDry North America Launches Bio-Based Laminate Membrane

HDry advanced tech uses direct 3D lamination of a waterproof-breathable membrane.

The debut of HDry ‘b5’ bio-based membrane represents another step forward in sustainable footwear development. Announced by Altexa sri and GHS Holdings, the new eco-friendly waterproof/ breathable laminate offers the opportunity to reduce dependence from fossil fuels on a high-end active performance gear with a bio-content rate of 53 percent, the highest range of responsible technical performance, according to the companies.

“By replacing the petroleum in our process with a nonedible bio-based corn derivative, we are working to maintain our premium performance characteristics where waterproof-breathable performance is concerned, while at the same time reducing the negative environmental impact our product has on the ecosystem,” says Gary Schloss with GHS Holdings. “We are working hard to set our brand apart from market competition with an alternative that offers best in class protection from the elements while continuing to build on our sustainability story.”

The existing HDry compound is made by a polyurethane ester-based waterproof-breathable membrane combined with thin polyester knit. Material saving and lightness are key advantages. HDry is PTFE-free, and no per fluorinated compounds (PFCs, PFOs, PFOAs, etc.) are used in its production. HDry does not contain any restricted substance of REACH–ECHA list and is OEKO-TEX certified.

GHS Holdings is the exclusive representation for HDry waterproof-breathable technologies in North America. Altexa sri, based in Italy with an operations branch in China, holds the patent to HDry technology with application of a membrane inside the shoe upper or the outer layer in a glove application.

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Jul 26, 2021


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