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Halley Stevensons Develops Plant-Based Wax Cotton Finish

The EverWax range ushers in a new generation of sustainable cotton wax finishes.

Taking a modern, eco-aware approach to innovation, Halley Stevensons has introduced a plant-based wax, the first such development in wax finishes. Called EverWax Olive, the sustainably-conscious product is a gentle, protective blend of plant based waxes and oils that offers a level of performance on par with traditional paraffin waxes. Chosen to complement the natural character of Halley Stevensons organic cottons, EverWax Olive has a soft matte finish with a subtle patina that will develop over time.

EverWax Olive is a combination of olive oil, rapeseed and castor bean. The UK-based company points out that the olive oil and wax are non-GMO, and are natural by-products from the food industry. Low-grade triglycerides – a waste steam from manufacturing virgin olive oil – are used. Rapeseed, grown in northern Europe, and castor beans, from India, are both low-carbon, sustainable crops. Halley Stevensons reports that “all components are biodegradable and considered “vegan-friendly,” and that the fabric can be reproofed to extend its lifespan.

EverWax serves as an umbrella for different products. Currently the range consists of EverWax Olive and  EverWax Dry, which features a blend with 20 percent post-consumer plastic wax.

Waxed cottons were originally created by fishermen of the North Sea, dating back to the 15th century, who up-cycled waxed cotton sail clothes into practical, weather-protective garments.  Halley Stevensons, established in 1864, has a long history, too, as an independent firm specializing in waxed cotton and weatherproof fabrics using responsibly sourced cotton and low impact manufacturing. All dyeing and finishing is done inhouse at Baltic Works in Dundee, UK.

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Jan 25, 2022


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