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“Pickleball attracts players from across generations and athletic ability, but they all say the same thing – once they get on the court, it’s hard to convince themselves to stop. So, they need socks that help them ‘stay in the game’ to avoid injury, pain, or discomfort. At OS1st, we specialize in socks and compression bracing that keep you active and doing what you love, and pickleball is no exception, with players from amateur to professional levels.”

Stephanie Lee, director of marketing, ING Source (OS1st)

“Consumers want pickleball equipment that the can rely on. Not just to hold up over time, but to help them perform and reach their full potential. We are committed to providing consumers with a product range that caters to all levels; from the first-time player all the way up to the professional level.”

Michael Loyd, pickleball grassroots promotions manager, HEAD

Head/Gravity Tour LH

The new Gravity Tour LH pickleball paddle combines power and touch. A longer handle is suitable for two-handed backhand and forehand players. The Hybrid Hitting Surface provides a truly superior blend of power, comfort, control and stability, while its Foamed Core packs a soft, yet powerful impact feel. Specially formulated PU material is inlaid into a new Ergo Grip for a softer feel that dampens vibration. MSRP $189.95

Pickleball Bella/Groovy Sport Duffel

Pickleball Bella’s designs are created inhouse from original works of art, which are featured on skorts, tops, hats, bags and soon…paddles. This women’s pickleball bag can fit multiple paddles in the designated outside paddle holder, and has room for more on the inside. It includes a mesh water bottle holder, phone pocket, ball pocket and compartment for personal belongings. The top straps of the bag can be easily fastened together and hung from a fence. MSRP $72.

Rhino/PB Tube

The Rhino Pickleball Retriever and Storage Tube is a fast, easy and fun way to pick up and store pickleballs for more efficient practice and play. Lightweight and durable, the pickleball retrieval tube eliminates the need to bend to pick up balls and greatly reduces strain on the back and knees. Simply place the 36" translucent tube over a ball and the one-way directional teeth pull pickleballs inside. A rubber fastener at the other end of the tube secures up to 12 pickleballs. To empty the tube, remove the rubber fastener and deposit the pickleballs into a ball machine, basket or ball cart, such as the Rhino Pickleball Cart. An adjustable shoulder strap allows for easy storage and transport of pickleballs from the car to the court. The built-in hook allows the tube to be hung on a fence and out of the way. MSRP $39.99.

Play-Pkl Lulu Tote

With ample storage for multiple pickleball paddles, pickleballs, and two oversize water bottles, the Lulu Tote features comfortable, colorful, non-slip woven canvas shoulder straps, a generous water resistant lined interior, plus zipper close pockets on the outside and inside for smaller personal items. Play-PKL paddle pulls make the zippers easy to grip. MSRP $118.

OS1st/Pickleball Sock

This is the official sock of the PPA Tour and Major League Pickleball, which is built for impact protection and blister prevention with nano-bamboo charcoal cushion in high-friction areas. OS1st’s cooling technology provides heat relief while playing on hot surfaces. The arch band provides added support and prevents shearing force (unaligned forces acting on one part of a body in a specific direction, and another part of the body in the opposite direction) during quick movement. MSRP $14.99 No Show, $16.99 Crew.

Rhino/RX1 Kevlar

The Rhino RX1 Kevlar takes a player’s power game to the next level. Designed with next-gen Kevlar-infused graphite hitting surface, the RX1 Kevlar unleashes increased ball speed from anywhere on the court. It combines Kevlar material with a 16.5 mm poly honeycomb core to provide stability and spin to complement increased speed and power. Weighing 8.29 ounces, the RX1 Kevlar gives intermediate and advanced players who prefer a heavier pickleball paddle the ability to generate blazing groundstrokes and powerful overheads. A large sweet spot ensures that off-center shots still come off the paddle with power and consistency. The RX1 Kevlar’s 5.31" handle and vented grip let players easily adjust the paddle to hit a variety of shots. MSRP $169.99

OS1st/KS8 Performance Knee Sleeve

This new knee brace is made for use throughout the healing journey from physical therapy to stepping back on the court. Its lightweight construction maintains range of motion while still keeping the body stabilized and comfortable. The stays/stability splints are removable, for customized use. The thigh band is also adjustable. MSRP $59.99.

Franklin/Carbon STK

Franklin, the #1 brand in Pickleball, has what players need to hit the courts and elevate their game. The brand’s newest paddle, The Carbon STK, is lightweight and designed for performance. What sets the Carbon STK pickleball paddles apart is the Carbon STK carbon fiber surface layer. The natural texture increases traction on the ball for ultimate spin without sacrificing power. The one-piece, solid polypropylene core provides a strong, durable construction that is built to last. The Carbon STK Paddle is USA Pickleball (USAPA) approved. MSRP $149.99.


Pair Franklin’s new paddle with the brand’s X-40 Pickleballs. The choice of over 300 tournaments nationwide, the X-40 is suitable for every level of play from beginner to pro.  With a single piece design and 40 precision drilled holes, this ball is made for durability over hours of play. MSRP $11.99 (3-pack).

Oliver Thomas/Wingwoman Slide

Look good, feel good, play good. Made to get players to and from the court in style, these new slides are built with Insite Contoura patented shape technology. They feature podiatrist designed arch support and a 3D molded footbed. Plus, they are lightweight and machine washable. MSRP $98.

FILA/Fully Loaded Pickleball Bag  

Between paddles, balls, shoes and more, players need a versatile bag that carries all their pickleball essentials to the courts with style. With two separate paddle compartments, a large main compartment and four accessory pockets, this bag is a one-stop-shop for pickleball needs. It also has a separate shoe compartment, padded straps and a thermal-resistant insulated pocket to keep water bottles cool. MSRP $65.

Holbrook/Power Pro

Designed to allow for extreme power and spin while keeping a controlled touch, the Holbrook Power Pro paddle aims to deliver enhanced performance for elite players. As part of the brand’s Pro Series Line, it is engineered with features such as a Unibody Edgecraft Foam Injected Polypropylene core; carbon fiber surface and a comfort grip. MSRP $219.99.

Penn/Pro Penn 40

The Pro Penn 40 Outdoor ball is ideal for all players who demand a long-lasting consistent ball for high performance tournament play. Meanwhile, Penn 26 is designed for indoor wooden surfaces and the Penn 40 is more of an outdoor ball for recreational club play. MSRP $13.99.

Selkirk/Evo 2.0

Selkirk Sport’s EVO 2.0 paddle series features a paddle option for every type of player. The series includes three paddle types: the EVO Power 2.0, designed for players who want unmatched power and spin; the EVO Control 2.0, which serves those seeking superior control; and the EVO Hybrid 2.0, which offers a fusion of power and control. All three paddles are offered in blue, green, and purple colorways. MSRP $100.