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Dimension-Polyant Achieves Sustainability Goals

Sailcloth and X-Pac producer Dimension-Polyant is now cradle-to-gate climate neutral.

Leading sailcloth manufacturer and developer of X-Pac performance pack fabrics, Dimension Polyant, has unveiled a new cradle-to-gate cleenTEC seal and prioritized a sustainability program around climate-neutrality, sustainably sourced materials, longevity of product and recycling methods for its used textiles.

Dimension Polyant’s Kempen, Germany and Putnam, CT production facilities are 100 percent climate-neutral. Carbon emissions have been recorded within the DIN ISO 50001 framework and significantly reduced through the use of green electricity, green gas and other measures. All remaining emissions are being reduced by a carbon offset program in cooperation with ClimatePartner and its Plastic Free Oceans climate protection project.

“The COVID pandemic gave us time to reflect, review and take action on our sustainability goals, beginning first with making our production facilities as green as possible,” said Uwe Stein, CEO, Dimension-Polyant.

Dimension-Polyant developed its cleenTEC seal ( “cleen” derives from “clean” and “green”) to help consumers identify the firm’s eco-friendly materials. Materials carrying the cleenTEC seal are guaranteed to have been manufactured in climate-neutral production facilities and include one or more environmentally-friendly innovations.

Additionally, Dimension-Polyant is expanding its X-Pac range of environmentally friendly materials to complement its popular VX line of laminates. Its new RX Line is made of 100 percent recycled polyester made from USA-sourced PET bottles. X-Pac lightweight, durable and 100 percent waterproof laminates are used for packs and bags.

Currently Dimension-Polyant is also working with the Saxon Textile Research Institute (STFI) to determine circular solutions for end-of-life products.

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Oct 18, 2021


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