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Devan Extends Bio-Based Product Offering


Devan Chemicals, part of the Pulcra Group, a specialist in next generation well-being technology that enables manufacturers to boost textiles with a selection of microencapsulated active ingredients is extending its R-Vital product range. Innovations feature bio-based CBD capsules and expanded solutions for foam, including a new bio-based foam. 

The CBD bio-capsules are part of the R-Vital NTL range and developed to address the problem of sleep deprivation using ingredients derived from renewable biological resources. The rich CBD extract is known to have a balancing effect that could amongst other things help to facilitate a good night’s sleep.

The shell structure of the NTL capsules relies on a bio-based polymer, and biodegradability tests showed very good results, according to the company. The R-Vital NTL range also now includes Aloe Vera, waste-material based Avocado Seed Oil and Vitamin E. Aloe Vera and Avocado Seed Oil are known to have moisturizing properties and Vitamin E is known to protect skin from free radicals and premature aging. The bio-based range of R-Vital NTL is now durable up to 30 washes.

Another recent company development is a foam-specific cooling system that is bio-based, called Tones of Cool Bio, which enables the company to offer a sustainable solution to the company’s established Tones of Cool product line.