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Cordura Debuts Recycled Nylon 6,6 at Outdoor Retailer


Cordura’s new re/cor RN66, launching at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show in Denver this week, is “durable, responsible and innovated to last,” according to the company, which highlights the quantifiable benefits of its recycled nylon 6,6 product, versus virgin nylon 6,6. Specifically, the production of Cordura re/cor RN66 decreases GHG emissions by 83 percent, consumes 82 percent less energy and uses 57 percent less water.

Bag specialist Black Ember features Cordura re/cor RN66 in its new line.

Approximately two years in the making, with a focus on strong partnerships with fabric mill Dong Jin International and strategic brand customers, Cordura re/cor RN66 targets the high denier needs for bags, packs and reinforcements with a 100 percent pre-consumer fiber that is GRS certified.

“This is the true voice of the customer coming out,” states Cindy McNaull, Cordura business development director. “Understanding customer needs and objectives, from a performance perspective and from an ESG perspective, along with goals slated for 2030 is how re/cor development evolved.”

Cordura re/cor RN66 targets the bag, pack and reinforcement categories.

McNaull describes a crawl, walk, run type approach with customers. “We were able to strongly listen and keep iterating, coming up with a solution that allowed brands to feel comfortable that they were getting 100 percent recycled.” She adds, “Getting past the benchmarking of ourselves was a hurdle, and we’ve done a competitive benchmark study as well that shows performance, both in tensile tear and abrasion, as very, very strong.”

The new Cordura re/cor platform replaces what was formerly known as CorduraECO, representing a brand architecture for recycle, regenerative, and renewed product with ladders to further innovation. Cordura GRS certified post-consumer recycled polyester and pre-consumer RN6 fabric technologies are being folded into the new re/cor line.

For Cordura, re/cor is one of the most exciting and largest innovations we’ve done,” shares McNaull.

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Jan 25, 2022


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