Textile Insight Consumer Surveys


A New Year, a Shift in Shopping Behaviors

Supply chain issues have been front and center for months, ushering in everything from rising prices and fewer products on retail shelves to new levels of shopping frustration. While not drastically impacted by the situation, these supply chain-related trends are influencing shopping expectations and buying decision-making.

How Sustainability Influences Shopping Decisions & Consumer Behavior

It is safe to say that sustainability has surpassed being a trend to achieve lifestyle status. As much as things change, some things don’t budge. It’s clear that shoppers are interested and motivated to buy sustainable goods to the point that biodegradability would sway decision making and would take the time to read an article about...

All In The Family Outdoor Rec

With more families spending time outdoors, a healthy side effect of the pandemic, awareness of sun protection is a focus. The majority of survey takers seek out both materials with SPF technology and lotions when participating in water sports, although lotions remain far more popular than textile treatments as a sun protective go-to.

New Outlook Emerges on Exercise Routines and Material Choices

Establishing new exercise routines during Covid not only helped individuals stay fit, this trend also heightened awareness of how material choices enhance workout wear as well as casual clothing. For example, survey takers report that when shopping for activewear, special fabric features are now top of mind.

Benefits of Brand Transparency in Buying Decision Making

The biggest takeaway from this month’s survey is the hunger consumers have for information about the products they buy and the materials used to make these products. This is despite respondents already being loyal label-readers and willing participants in scrolling social media and brand websites to gain additional knowledge.

How Consumers Stay Fit in the Age of COVID

While the pandemic has put a hold on many positive aspects of everyday life, exercise is an exception. Trying a new sport, purchasing new gear and making face coverings a new part of an activewear wardrobe emerged as key aspects of the 2020 COVID-19 experience.