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FSG America … Quality is Key

In an industry where there are hundreds of options on where people can spend their money, FSGA has focused on value and quality.

Through years of experience, feedback from customers and evolving with the times FSGA has developed a line of products that focus on quality.  As a private label manufacturer, their focus was having a full line of products a dealer could be proud to put their name on.  FSGA understood they were not only representing themselves, but also everyone who chose to buy from them.

Sales Manager, Richard Hirschmann explained: “It was important to pick fabrics and inks that were of the highest quality.  We wanted to create something special that would last and be a disruption in the industry” FSGA has created a “recipe” to have the most vibrant colors in the industry utilizing inks, saturation levels and fabrics unmatched by others.

“Unparalleled QC standards, matched with state-of-the-art technology, an extremely experienced and motivated staff and highest quality materials and inks completes our winning recipe and helps us achieve unprecedented levels of production accuracy” comments Managing Partner Ken Kennedy.  “We have redefined industry expectations of accuracy, with defect rates of 0.01 percent resulting in our customers trusting us with their most important accounts”

Evolving has been an important factor in FSGA’s success.  Their recently launched specialty bag line has continued the tradition of quality and responding to real-time feedback, they are able to utilize manufacturing agility to quickly provide the products needed for their customer’s success.

FSGA is the leader in the industry and successfully predicted the explosion in sublimation.  They are not just responding to the growth, but remain a leading force in the increasing position of sublimation.  FSGA continues to increase capacity, evolve product lines, invest in technology and focus on their core mission of quality, consistency and value.

FSG America offers a complete turnkey bespoke product line whose quality equals or exceeds the quality of virtually all current brands – a true category disruptor. 

FSG America helps team dealers succeed with:

Full Artwork Staff to assist with your initial branding as well as all future artwork needs. 

Custom Retail Website – A full website showcasing all sublimated offerings, customized with your name, logo, and contact information, with many customizable options to tailor to your business's needs. 

Custom 3D Uniform Builder – A builder designed with the team dealer and sales rep in mind. Custom branding options, a fully integrated presentation tool, and an approval system provide next-level service for ease of creation and to close your sales.

Worldwide Manufacturing – Two manufacturing plants can accommodate year-round production with no delays for regional holidays, and have allowed FSG America to operate continuously during the current global pandemic. The plant in Mexico (the former Russell Team facility) creates a hedge against tariffs. 

Best-Quality Fabrics and Ink – By maintaining high quality standards and avoiding chasing the bottom dollar, FSG America can continually provide superior quality with more vibrant colors. 

FSG America