Consumers Are Into Used Gear and Rentals As Long As Quality is High

215 respondents, male and female.

Outdoor consumers today are buying used gear and are open to the option of renting not only equipment, but also apparel. And they are happily rocking retro styles. As long as the product is high quality with technical benefits, of course.  When we asked consumers which factors influence their outdoor apparel purchasing decisions, 76 percent listed“technical qualities” as the leading factor. When it comes to heritage style,77 percent of consumers reported that they at least sometimes wear performance gear with a retro or throwback style. More than half of consumers surveyed said they shop at consignment stores, with 90 percent (!) saying they would consider buying winter gear or equipment that was pre-owned. Consumers are embracing non-traditional purchasing and rental options. If the product quality is there, the consumer will be there, too.