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Unitex Pioneers Cleaner, Greener Textile Manufacturing


Across the textile industry there is a shift towards more sustainable developments, from water-saving processes to recycled and bio-based ingredients, to new-naturals, and next-generation bestsellers. But just switching to more sustainable ingredients won’t get the job done; addressing textile manufacturing is also a must. 

Unitex, based in Fujian, China, was built from the ground up to be the future of successful, responsible textile manufacturing. Established in 2012, the company has invested in the best type of equipment, installing efficient, high-quality warp and circular knit and finishing machinery from Italy, Germany, and Japan.  

Unitex is being recognized for its efforts. The company was awarded the China National Green Factory award for the use of on-site solar, wind and additional renewable energy. The textile producer also recently won three ISPO Textrends awards highlighting the company’s commitment to fabric design that incorporates bio-based synthetics and recycled yarns.

Unitex’ design theme for the 2024 season is “Explore the Flow,” a mood that considers the versatility consumers demand and a trans-seasonal approach to fabric development. The collection includes Body Flow, where high-compression, all-day freshness fabrics feature; Urban Flow, where knits mimic wovens and PFC-free water resistance resonates; Pro Flow where ingredient properties enhance functionality for high-impact sports; and Luxe Flow where eco performance comes with a new level of aesthetic appeal. 

The need for a more self-sufficient, waste minimizing modern strategy to textile manufacturing, at all levels of production is clear. We will have to wait and see if Unitex has produced the perfect sustainable factory. But the facility is certainly the benchmark that the textile industry needs in moving forward.