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Footwear often gets the glory, but the amount of innovation going into performance socks right now cannot be overlooked. Comfort, temperature regulation, injury prevention and construction for a perfect fit are just a few of the key trends driving the category forward.

Swiftwick Flite XT Trail

The Spring ’22 Flite XT Trail is constructed with a temperature-regulating merino wool blend for comfort. An Olefin footbed maximizes wicking capability to keep feet dry and blister-free, and GripDry fibers in the base of the forefoot and sole help stabilize the foot inside the shoe. Strong elastic is built into the ankle and heel region for additional support, making it a good option for adventures on uneven terrain. MSRP $23.99-26.99.

Heat Holders Ultra Lite Socks

Designed with heavy bulk yarn to provide thermal protection and comfort in a lightweight profile, these socks are ideal for wearing in tighter fitting shoes and cold temperatures. With a Thermal Overall Grade rating of 1.04, they are scientifically tested to be 3x warmer than regular cotton. Heat Holders are non-binding, making them diabetic friendly. They also provide relief for cold feet due to circulation problems. MSRP $9.99.

OS1st AC4 Active Comfort Socks

In this latest addition to the Socks with Purpose line, the AC4 Active Comfort sock is designed to be the sock that has it all. It’s 200 needle, double tabbed and left/right specific (custom toe fitting). It also has a Y-Gore Heel (no slip design), arch compression, moisture wicking, and has silver antimicrobial with bamboo charcoal in the heel and forefoot for extra cushion. OS1st’s Skin Thin design (on the top of the sock) was created to work along with the breathability of a running shoe for a cool, dry experience. MSRP $13.99.

Falke RU3 Invisible

This Spring ’22 sock is invisible in the shoe, but still has a high level of cushioning and padding. Special heel construction provides optimal support and prevents slipping. RU3 running socks are suited for casual runners, ensuring high shock absorption and maximum comfort, along with protection against blisters by reducing pressure points. The rapid moisture wicking and optimized shape of these socks ensure comfort while running. MSRP $23.95.

Drymax Run Lite-Mesh

Made in the USA, this top selling Drymax sock provides a balance between thin and thick running socks. It is engineered with plush terry loops underfoot and a seamless toe for miles of comfort. Mesh Stripe Vents over the foot provide breathability, helping keep feet cooler, drier, and more comfortable. With the new year comes new colorways in line with those used by the most popular running shoe brands. MSRP $13 to $15.

Darn Tough No Show Tab Lightweight with Cushion

A new run offering for Spring ’22, this no show is crafted in a space dyed merino wool yarn with a digital print. There are endless possibilities for unique patterns in each pair. A performance fit offers no slipping, no bunching, and no blisters. Fine gauge knitting makes for high durability. This sock is guaranteed for life. MSRP $17.

Stox Sports Socks

New to the U.S. market for Spring ’22, Stox are for any runner looking to improve performance, recovery time, comfort level and energy while minimizing pain, tired and heavy legs — and still looking fashionable. Stox uses the shoe size and measurement of the widest part of the calf for a custom fit. All Stox measure between 23-32 mmHG, for optimal blood circulation. MSRP $49.

Zensah Calming Sleep Sock

The thermoregulating nature of merino wool in the Calming Sleep Sock keeps body temperatures cooler in the heat and warmer in colder environments. This leads to deeper, more uninterrupted sleep, according to Zensah. A breathable yarn blend with a soft feel,  and terry texture on the stretch band makes for a not-too-tight fit at the cuff. The Sleep Sock is ideal for athletes looking to recover faster. MSRP $20.

Sockwell Elevate

Available in Spring ’22, Sockwell’s Elevate Series of merino wool and bamboo rayon running and fitness socks in micro, quarter, and knee-high lengths feature a compression fit around the foot and ankle, inspired by athletic taping to support muscles and tendons. The knee-high lengths also provide graduated compression, which not only reduces fatigue by supporting the calf muscles, but helps boost circulation while running or exercising, and improves recovery between workouts. MSRP $18.99 - $27.99.

Balega Hidden Contour Recycled

Drynamix, a proprietary moisture management yarn, is incorporated into recycled yarn in this Spring ’22 sock to keep feet cool and dry. Hidden Contour has a snugger fit, so the sock stays put in the shoe while running. Three elasticated zones provide structure, while 200 needle cushioning offers comfort on the footbed. A seamless toe reduces bulkiness. A good choice for all types of runners. MSRP $16.

Feetures Elite No Show Tab

Feetures introduced its first ever 360 print designs this season with the City Collection. 360 print provides the ability to direct garment print on socks in a truly seamless design. For Fall ’22, a new Geo Print design is in the works for the Elite Light Cushion No Show Tab style. The sock is engineered with an anatomical design and targeted compression, providing a custom-like fit and reduced risk of blisters. A light cushion ofers impact protection. MSRP $17.

LP Trail Running Compression Socks

The Target Compression System is designed with human biomechanics in mind, placing emphasis on specific muscles and joints. The System rotates from the sole of the foot to the lateral side of the ankle and further extends to the calf muscles. Graduated compression provides support to the arch to strengthen coordination and movement control of the ankle (enhancing stability and preventing injuries caused by excessive ankle rotation), while also promoting calf muscle contractile efficiency (for fluent jumping and running). MSRP  N/A.

CEP Run Compression Sock 4.0

With new directional air channels in the foot, mesh structure in the calf and ventilation zones in the toe, CEP’s Run Compression Sock 4.0 is designed to offer maximum moisture management and ultimate comfort. The sock also has CEP’s true graduated compression. Run Compression 4.0 is available for Spring 22 in five heights and six colors. MSRP $59.95.

Vim & Vigr Mountain Sun Nylon Seamless Toe

Graduated compression socks refresh legs during a run but are equally as important in between runs to aid with muscle recovery. This Spring, Vim & Vigr will release a nylon seamless toe compression sock made with a medical knitting machine to provide graduated compression from the ankle and through the calf. A high needle-count and multidimensional weave allows for both breathability and flexibility. MSRP $36.