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ISPO Textrends Showcases Best Products Spring/Summer ‘23

A lightweight “quarter knit” second layer by Asahi-Kasei Advance features 96% recycled poly/4% recycled spandex.

Post pandemic awareness of the importance and benefit of sport and outdoor activities for physical and mental wellbeing is being embraced by consumers. The outcome for the sports and outdoors industry is positive, with growth expected as consumers pursue a more active lifestyle.

The international textile jury has reviewed ISPO Textrends applications and the results were unanimous: Functionality and performance are key, but so, too, is a new level of lightweight products and innovative use of fibers. Sustainability, continuing to blanket the industry in a multitude of processes, moves forward in its journey, from water and energy saving, reduced waste, reduced home laundering, recycled protective coatings to longer lasting products. The list is endless, and growing.

“I think that the main point is sustainability is invading sports goods, and sports want performance. This is a way to explain to the world, to explain to the industry, that with sustainable materials it is also possible to reach the performance,” said ISPO jury member Braz Costa, general manager, Citeve.

Bio-synthetics created a stir, as commercial offerings increased.

And natural fabrics now feature performance. While wool has become an all-season favorite in the sports and outdoors sector, based on its functionality, other natural fibers such as cotton and linen, are now competing for attention with topical performance finishes.

The outcome from the jury meeting confirmed that textile companies are looking to the future in a cleaner, more sustainable and renewable way.

Here are the award winners of Best Products at ISPO Textrends for Spring/Summer 2023 market:

  • Category: Accelerated Eco - Wuxi Paradise Textiles
  • Category: Performing Finishes - Kunshan Sanchua Hi-Tech Fabric Co
  • Category: Base Layer - Zeynar Mensucat A.S
  • Category: Second Layer - Asahi-Kasei Advance Corp
  • Category: Outer Layer - Huamao (Xiamen) Special Material Co
  • Category: Membranes & Coatings - Tintex Textiles
  • Category: Street Sports - Humamao (Xiamen) Special Material, Co
  • Category: Fibers & Insulations - Imbotex SRL
  • Category: Accessories & Trims - Utax Co.

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