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ISPO Textrends Awards Street Sports Fall/Winter 23/24


Over the last three years, the Street Sports category at ISPO Textrends has soared. Textile mills are increasingly aware of the importance of this sector, where key trends of performance, functionality, and sustainability are embraced without neglecting creativity which was achieved visually and physically in Fall/Winter 24/25 qualities. Singtex won Best Product for the season for fabrics that provide the end user the ability to hit the street or walk the peaks. Here are the season’s award winners: 

1 STORMEGA: A new patented technology of softshell and air layer combination to create a unique single-layer woven fabric. Dense weaving construction for durability and water resistance and 3D hollow layer to capture body heat. Light in weight, it has the right balance between breathability and wind resistance. The performance from STORMEGA features Singtex’ patented technology S.Café made with waste from coffee grounds.  

2. Toread: TIEF DRY intelligent moisture management scuba fabric, one-way humidifying, and antibacterial composite technology fabric specially created for runners. The new air layer small jacquard structure forms a 3D three-dimensional effect which is suitable for sports jackets. 

3. Eclat: Eclat Graphworks qualities offer a rebellious spirit with futuristic digital design with an eco-element of reduced water usage. Double-sided, the contrasting characteristics can be used for garment detail. 

4. Newhemp’s hemp and organic cotton French Terry offers an ‘old school’ look with the latest sustainable solutions. Hemp is rising quickly in the sport and outdoor sector, as it sheds its industrial use through refined spinning. 

5. NTX Cooltrans ripstop extreme light Polyamide fabric features state-of-art waterless coloration technology with the lowest impact on the environment (according to Higg Index). The process does not require heat to colorize natural, man-made, or synthetic substrates, delivering brilliant, deep colors that penetrate throughout the substrates, at ultra-high-resolution.