Hustle Heroes



Standout Product: Run Luxe Sock

MSRP: $15

Tech Details: Each moisture-wicking pair is crafted from two bottles of post-consumer recycled plastic, cushioned throughout for comfort, has a seamless toe, contains a deep heel pockets for a great fit and features a breathable mesh upper to keep feet cool. 

Hero Quotient: “Wrightsock is excited to be leading the charge for sustainability in the run channel. The Run Luxe is our high performance, affordable, and sustainable sock with mass appeal that we are proud to be making here in the USA” 

– Joey Wrightenberry, president, Wrightenberry Mills, Inc.


Standout Product: Merino Wool Ruck Sock

MSRP: $30

Tech Details: The MudGear Ruck Sock is built tough in the USA with a focus on functional design. Features include: Merino wool in the toe and heel for a soft, light cushion bed; Advanced moisture management with fast wicking yarn fibers; Vented top layer of mesh to reduce heat build-up; Form-fitting arch to eliminate friction and blisters. 

Hero Quotient: “Experienced endurance runners are incorporating more strength-based outdoor activities like rucking or running with a weighted pack to boost their overall performance while logging in the miles. Adding a few weighted miles to your weekly running routine will build strength, improve posture and balance, and maybe most importantly, help move a runner from a plateau to a new PR.” 

Marie Oblinsky Price, head of sales and partnerships, MudGear


Standout Product: Training No Show Sock

MSRP: $15.95

Tech Details: CEP’s new Training No Show sock is the brand’s first unisex, maximum cushion sock. It is available in mid cut and no show heights and in 4 different colors.

Hero Quotient: “With CEP’s reputation as the number one compression brand, this sock delivers the best stay put fit with an exceptionally comfortable, anatomically designed cushioned feel. Made from the same material as CEP’s compression socks that you know and love, this sock will keep you comfortable and dry from your first mile to your last.” 

– Jared Finney, national sales manager, CEP


Standout Product: Feetures Elite Invisible Sock

MSRP: $18

Tech Details: The Feetures Elite Invisible sock is equipped with targeted compression to give you support where you need it, technical mesh ventilation to keep your foot cool and comfortable, a higher tab to protect the ankle while staying hidden, and Heel Hugger 2.0 silicone tape to help the sock stay up in the most strenuous of running conditions.

Hero Quotient: “The invisible sock has always been a challenge for any brand to create a version that doesn’t slip. As a running sock brand, we embraced the challenge and wanted to take it a step further by creating a sock that could be worn mile after mile and stand up to the ultimate test.” 

– Joe Gaither, CMO, Feetures


Standout Product: Run Feel Sock

MSRP: $19.95

Tech Details: Grip bands are created to interact with the insoles to reduce movement within the shoe. The socks include a ventilation zone under the arch of the foot and an ankle support zone to improve stability between your ankles and heels, reducing the risk of injuries and reinforcing the power of the insoles.

Hero Quotient: “These high-definition running socks are designed to interface with your insoles to improve overall performance.” 

– Kelsey Lefley, marketing manager, Sidas


Standout Product: Girl Power Sock

MSRP: $13.95

Tech Details: Product Features include a mesh upper for airflow, a classic double-over cuff that stays up, a double-stitched nylon heel and toe for durability, an ultra-wicking acrylic base for softness and stretch (to eliminate hot spots and blisters) and a unique Stretch-to-Fit sizing system for a wide range of foot sizes. 

Hero Quotient: “Our Channel Air socks are great for preventing blisters and keeping your feet dry and comfortable in any conditions. Skip the boring white socks without sacrificing performance and get your feet into SockGuy’s off-beat, original designs.” 

Michael Foley, president, SockGuy.


Standout Product: Cold Weather Running Sock

MSRP Crew: $19

MSRP Over Calf: $22

Tech Details: The USA-made Cold Weather Running Sock has a special Dual-Layer Moisture Removal System that instantly moves moisture from the skin. Due to the wind chill factor, while running, the front part of the leg tends to get coldest, so the brand added a third layer of Drymax fiber insulation along the sock’s leading edge. 

Hero Quotient: “In cold or freezing temperatures, wet socks are the feet’s worst enemy, as moisture pulls heat away from the skin 23 times faster than air. Moisture can reduce skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet feel painfully cold and are much more susceptible to frostbite.” 

– Bob MacGillivray, EVP, Drymax Technologies, Inc. 


Standout Product: Women’s Run Targeted Cushion Brushed Print Low Ankle Sock

MSRP: $19 

Tech Details: The Merino Wool and recycled nylon sock contains Indestructawool technology with extended durability zones and a 4 Degree elite fit system for dialed-in, performance oriented fit. Mesh zones are featured for added breathability and the sock has a women’s specific fit. 

Hero Quotient: “Smartwool is proud to use Merino Wool, a natural performance material, as the foundation for delivering maximum comfort and durability in our products. In our 2023 activewear collection, we’re taking a stylish, inclusive, and joyful approach to enable everyone to discover personal fitness and celebrate the outdoors.” 

– Sue Jesch, director of design, Smartwool

Darn Tough

Standout Product: Men’s Run No Show Tab Ultra-Lightweight Running Sock

MSRP: $17 

Tech Details: This running sock features a silky, chafe-eliminating cuff, high-performance flex zones and a supportive fit. It is built with ultra-lightweight, wicking Merino Wool for all-day, marathon-mileage bids. The men’s no-show tab socks average 3.5 in. from heel to cuff, to barely show above a running sneaker.

Hero Quotient: “These socks are a performance fit, which means there is no slipping, no bunching, no blisters. The heel tabs will offer extra protection behind the heel from friction and will also have arch support to alleviate foot fatigue. Darn Tough Vermont’s lowest profile, ultra-lightweight yarn creates zero bulk, zero pitch socks that feel like second skin.” 

– Jake Largess, brand manager, Darn Tough Vermont


Standout Product: Nekkid Comfort Sock

MSRP: $14.99 

Tech Details: Made for performance in track spikes, low-profile running shoes, and recovery slip-ons; the spiral-woven mesh air vent top panel, moisture-wicking fibers and no-stink silver-ion antimicrobial ensure comfort, plus 360-degree blister protection, on and off the track. 

Hero Quotient: “Theses socks are the perfect fit with track spikes, low profile running wear and slip-on recovery shoes. As we developed these ‘invisible’ socks, we asked retailers to test the hypo-allergenic silicone heel grip and ensure nothing slips during track practice or a long run. Nekkid Comfort uses a Y-gore heel and light compression around the arch to prevent rubbing and pulling.” 

– Josh Higgins, president, OS1st


Standout Product: Ultimate No Tie Shoelaces

MSRP: $12.95 (small), $14.95 (standard), $16.95 (XL) 

Tech Details: Caterpy Run laces showcase the brand’s elastic bump technology which holds customized tension throughout all eyelets. The patented technology allows each eyelet row to be set to a unique tension independently.

Hero Quotient: “Caterpy laces strives to solve all shoelace issues. These issues range from inconsistency of tension throughout the shoe, lack of adaptivity for different foot shapes and inconvenience of tying laces.” 

– Shane Huckeba, marketing manager, Caterpy


Standout Product: RUNPRO

MSRP: $59.95

Tech Details: RUNPRO Insoles feature a deep, decoupled heel cup for a perfect fit, a moisture-wicking bamboo mid layer, a 3D Dynamic Arch for anatomic support and PORON heel cushion for rebound and shock absorption.

Hero Quotient: “We have developed the only true dynamic over-the-counter insole concept designed by athletes and scientists to provide the much-needed arch support shoes are missing. Currex combines an ultra-light insole with zero heel drop, forefoot padding for rebound, and technology that emphasizes sensory stimulation to reduce stress on the foot.” 

- Lutz Klein, president, Currex

Tread Labs

Standout Product: Dash Insole

MSRP: $115

Tech Details: Dash insoles provide low profile, ultra-firm support from 100% carbon fiber arch supports. They are designed specifically for runners, high performance athletes, people with especially flat feet and those who overpower other insoles. Dash insoles improve biomechanics and deliver superior energy return in a super-strong, ultra-lightweight and nearly rigid insole. Dash comes in multiple arch heights making it easy to personalize your fit and boast a Million Mile Guarantee.

Hero Quotient: “We designed Dash Insoles to help you up your game through biomechanics and ultra-firm support.” 

– Mark Paigen, founder, Tread Labs


Standout Product: Ultra PLUS Insole

MSRP: $59.95

Tech Details: The American-made Ultra PLUS is the next generation Sorbothane Comfort and Stability Insole, featuring a custom system supporting the arch and stabilizing the rear foot with a deep heel cup. The Ultra PLUS provides the unmatched comfort and impact protection of a Sorbothane heel pad and expanded Sorbothane forefoot strike protection insert. 

Hero Quotient: “The Sorbothane Ultra PLUS is the only insole on the market that integrates a custom composite stability system with the exclusive protection and comfort of Sorbothane. We combine proven production techniques with our proprietary Sorbothane material to make a great insole, and Sorbothane Is The Material That Makes The Difference.” 

– David Church, president, Sorbothane, Inc.


Standout Product: PowerStep bridge

MSRP:  $34.95

Tech Details: Where comfort meets support, the PowerStep bridge insole features an arch support structure that flexes, supports and adapts to arch heights.

Hero Quotient: “The PowerStep bridge orthotic insole is a revolutionary product that combines an adaptable arch with premium cushioning via energize foam. This product bridges the gap between the drug store insoles and the more supportive options like PowerStep Pulse or Pinnacle.” 

— Jay Cain, director B2B marketing, Foundation Wellness


Standout Product: Original Orange Insole

MSRP: $44.95

Tech Details: With contoured support, enhanced relief under the heel, and shock absorbing comfort from heel to toe, the Cadence Original Orange provides the best of both worlds for those looking for moderate support combined with total contact comfort. 

Hero Quotient: “Insoles connect your foot to the shoe - enhance the comfort, fit, and performance of any shoe and give your feet and legs the love they deserve! Satisfaction guaranteed.” 

– John Hinds, founder, Cadence Insoles



MSRP:  $19.99

Tech Details: FLEXALIGN is a lightweight durable material formulated to provide shock absorption and energy return for max support to align the foot and body. Its PWR-BRIDGE technology is an integrated structure which properly supports and stabilizes both heel and mid-foot to assist in aligning the foot. 

Hero Quotient: “REVITALIGN is developed based on medical research using patented technologies which offers unparalleled support and comfort to cushion and stabilize the foot and provide proper foot alignment.” 

– Jeff Antonioli, CEO, Waco Shoe Company