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How Consumers Shop for Hike & Trail


Hiking and trail running are two distinct activities and product categories, but there is plenty of crossover between the two. According to our recent consumer survey of active and outdoorsy adults, nearly 30% of hikers often opt for trail run shoes when hiking rather than traditional hiking boots.

Hikers and trail runners shop frequently — 38% tell us they buy trail running shoes two or more times per year, and 22% buy hiking footwear twice or more per year. And they are willing to spend: 81% expect to pay $100+ for hiking footwear, 25% say they’ll pay $150+. For trail run shoes, 71% will pay $100+, with 10% selecting $150+.

What else do they buy? Socks, backpacks, hydration and nutrition all rate highly. Where do they shop? For trail running shoes, top picks are online or in-store at outdoor specialty or run specialty. For hiking footwear, the top choices are outdoor specialty, online and sporting goods stores.

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