Gearing Up


Specialty retail can be “critically important on several fronts” for running-focused gear brands, says June Angus, co-founder, Amphipod, noting that the brand focuses on solving problems for runners, and does so, “in large part through the input of specialty shop owners and staff.”  She adds, “From the beginning we knew specialty stores were the primary place where Amphipod products should be discovered and purchased and we designed our distribution focus around this.” Angus points out that there is “a natural alignment between the elevated technical service, curated brands/assortments, and passion for helping customers that specialty stores provide” and the brand’s high standards for functional innovation, design, engineering and premium quality. “Specialty shops embrace authentic, agile specialty brands that are committed to making a difference for their businesses, staff and customers.”

Amphipod’s new Hydraform Chiller Handheld delivers an active palm-cooling effect that helps cool down the body, helping to improve performance and recovery while delivering ice-cold hydration. Amphipod’s newest innovation incorporates dual panel freezable Ice-Wall Technology integrated into a comfortable and cushioned triple-insulating sleeve and low-profile bottle delivering cold fluids for more than an hour. The ergonomic design includes a custom slosh-minimizer low-profile bottle, perfect-fit adjustable hand strap with Thumb-Lock  design and premium dual-function cap for refreshing on-demand hydration. It’s easy-to-use, just freeze-fill and go. 

Available in 12oz. and 20oz. sizes. (Available to specialty stores now. Contact your Amphipod Rep or 1.800.806.1288 / MSRP $30/35. 

Kahtoola’s newly redesigned ultra-low profile NANOspikes, launching in Fall 2023, are designed for performance when running and walking on snowy, icy roads and sidewalks. Updates include a broader size range to accommodate a range of shoe styles, new elastomer geometry for better fit, improved comfort that minimizes pressure points and updated concave tungsten carbide spikes for instant traction on ice. A larger, ergonomic heel tab provides an effortless on/off experience. Unisex. MSRP $54.95

Sunday Afternoons’ VaporLite Cape Cap, coming in Spring ’24, is part of the brand’s running-specific VaporLite collection. The crushable hat is super-ventilated for maximum evaporation, and its strategic design makes it easy to stow the cape without adding bulk. It is made from 100% recycled bluesign fabric, and is PFAS-free durable water repellent and UPF 50+ sun protective. Other key details include: Sunglass Lock that keeps glasses in place; Reflective details; Wicking sweatband/underbrim for maximum evaporation; Ponytail friendly.

ROLL Recovery’s R8 Plus massage tool is the flagship product of the brand and it’s truly unique to ROLL Recovery. The specialty recovery tool features adjustable deep tissue massage force for enhanced ease-of-use. It encompasses a patented, hidden mechanism in the frame with an adjustment dial to increase or decrease the compres-sion massage force. Built with quality materials, the massage tool is designed to help improve circulation and reduce inflammation by breaking up muscle adhesions for myofascial release. The R8 Plus is also a FDA Registered Medical Device and can be purchased with FSA/HSA funds. MSRP $169.

Therabody’s RecoveryPulse is an innovative new compression wearable with vibration that aims to deliver pain relief on-the-go. Combining graduated compression with vibration therapy woven into a germanium-infused wearable sleeve, the RecoveryPulse is designed to be worn even during regular daily activity. Compression alone can help increase circulation, which can ease muscle fatigue and reduce inflammation. Added vibration through Therabody’s proprietary VibraPulse Technology can accelerate circulation, supporting reduced tension, improved range of motion (ROM) and relief from soreness and pain. Available in calf and arm sleeve options. MSRP $149.

SFuels offers a comprehensive range of clean endurance-nutrition products to support metabolic efficiency for training, racing and everyday living. Using the unique approach of applying the “right fuel” at the “right time” enables the body to use fat and carbohydrates most efficiently at different intensity levels. This approach with the SFuels products, supports metabolic flexibility and stronger finishes via preserved glycogen. It also mitigates gut distress from over-consumption of fructose-sucrose based fuels. The range of products include SFuels Race +, SFuels Train, SFuels Life Bars, SFuels PRIMED, SFuels Revival and SFuels Keto3. “This breadth of the product portfolio is a key offering by SFuels to bring consumers into sports specialty retail, not just for race day fueling,” says Nicole Phillips, co-founder of SFuels. “The lifestyle aspect of the ‘Right Fuel, Right Time’ approach supported by SFuels sees consumers purchasing a range of products on a regular basis throughout the year.”