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Brand Refresh for Heydude


Heydude, the lifestyle footwear brand purchased by Crocs in early 2022, has unveiled a new brand identity and logo. Aiming to reach both new and existing fans, the refresh includes new colors and fonts and a logo with a hand-drawn feel, along with the tagline “Good To Go-To,” exemplifying the brand’s vibe. The brand says the new identity was inspired by consumers and incorporated feedback from focus groups, online forums and a consumer segmentation study. 

The Heydude brand, which was founded in Italy in 2008, introduced the refresh in a post on Instagram with these words: “You’re our go-to’s. The twinkle in our toes. The wind beneath our squishy, shoe shaped wings. Reading your reviews, we've learned how passionate you are about your go-to shoes. You called us magical, compared us to lollipops, and even suspected alien technology. Seriously, we blushed. That's why we decided it was time to step it up, for you, our go-to’s. Here’s the new HEYDUDE look that was inspired by you.”

Check out the Heydude brand refresh here:

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Jul 20, 2022


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