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Outdoor Insight Consumer Surveys


Consumers Are Into Used Gear and Rentals As Long As Quality is High

Outdoor consumers today are buying used gear and are open to the option of renting not only equipment, but also apparel. And they are happily rocking retro styles. As long as the product is high quality with technical benefits, of course.

Consumers Are Ready To Shop and Get Outside

Taking part in outdoor activities is top-of-mind for consumers this summer. And purchasing outdoor gear, footwear and apparel is on the agenda for a large percentage of consumers according to exclusive research conducted for Outdoor Insight by MESH01.

New Year, New Shopping Trends

Our latest survey of active adults reveals how supply chain-related factors are influencing consumer shopping expectations and buying decision-making. Supply chain issues have been front and center for months, ushering in everything from rising prices and fewer products on retail shelves to new levels of shopping frustration.

Families Are Spending More Time Outdoors

With more families spending time outdoors, a healthy side effect of the past pandemic-impacted year-plus, we decided to ask active/outdoorsy consumers about their family activities and purchases.

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