FOOTWEAR Insight Consumer Surveys


New Shopping Behaviors For a New Year

Supply chain issues have been front and center for months, ushering in everything from rising prices and fewer products on retail shelves to new levels of shopping frustration. And consumers have opinions about it.

The In-Store Experience

For independent brick-and-mortar retailers, getting consumers to shop in-store rather than online is an ever-present challenge. But once those customers do decide to shop in the store, delivering on what they want is also critical.

What’s Influencing Shopping Decisions Right Now?

Consumers know which footwear brands they want to buy, and they know where they want to buy them. But they can also be influenced to select different products — for a variety of reasons. That’s just one takeaway from our latest consumer survey.

A Look at Consumer Shopping Behavior

Where do consumers prefer to shop for their footwear? What are their expectations in-store? What is on their current footwear shopping list? These are just a few of the topics we tackled in our latest consumer survey.

Consumers Weigh in on Wellness (and More)

When it comes to the term “wellness,” consumers have different ideas about what the term actually means, but most agree that footwear plays a part in helping their feet and body feel good.

Ready to Keep On Running

On your mark, get set, go! We surveyed more than 350 consumers who identify themselves as active runners, and not only did we learn that the majority intend to run as much or more this year as they did last year, but they also have strong ideas about what running-related products they intend to purchase, and why.

What Active Consumers Want Right Now

Spring is here and consumers are ready. After a year where we saw COVID-influenced lifestyle changes have a seismic impact on both the activity trends of consumers and the shopping habits of consumers, the next stage of this evolution is here.

Consumer Demand: New Year, New Gear

Many consumers have begun participating in new fitness activities this past year. And they are buying new apparel, gear and footwear for those activities. Those are just two of the key takeaways from our latest consumer survey.