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The Warmest Thermal Socks You Can Buy


Warmth is a basic human need. Without the right clothing, no one can really enjoy the outdoors when the weather turns cold. But it’s not just about comfort—being too cold can lead to reduced mobility and muscle damage, or worsen conditions like arthritis.

Heat Holders were invented in 2008 to be the warmest thermal socks on the market. Ten years and several million pairs later, they’re still on top of the heap. And it’s not hard to see why. The secret is our proprietary three-step production process. First, we take a Japanese-designed, cashmere-like acrylic yarn that delivers high-performance insulation with advanced moisture management. Then we knit it into an extra-long looped cushion pile, Finally, we brush the insides of the socks so they offer blissful day-long warmth. This boosts the socks’ TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) rating to an unrivaled 2.34.

Everyone enjoys winter their own way. That’s why we created three distinct warmth and fit profiles that let users choose the right sock for their footwear, their activity, and how long they stay outdoors. Whether you’re hiking, climbing, cycling, fishing, or playing sport (or even just watching it), Heat Holders have all the warmth you need.

Heat Holders Ultra Lite™ are our lightest, thinnest socks. You can wear them with pretty much anything—but they’re still a solid three times warmer than basic cotton socks. Next up are Lite™, which are great to wear with a wide range of leisure footwear and provide no less than four times the heat of basic socks. Finally, there’s Original, which are an incredible seven times warmer than basic socks and go well with walking boots and rubber boots. Once they’re on, your feet won’t know it’s winter.

If you’re not yet part of our success story, there’s never been a better time. Our retailers are seeing phenomenal sell through coupled with consistent year-on-year growth. The Heat Holders brand is strong and memorable, giving it excellent retail presence and impulse-buy appeal. And because people love to recommend our socks, they’ll pull in more shoppers just like them.

On top of that, we drive customers into your store with a major cross-channel brand marketing effort. We generated over a billion online impressions over the last two years in the USA alone, and were featured on Ellen in winter 2017.

Quite simply, Heat Holders are retail gold. To discover the brand for yourself, get in touch with us for some free samples. We’re looking forward to sharing our success with you.

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