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Wilson Launches Two Football Projects


Enhancing its position in the football business, Wilson Sporting Goods recently introduced two new football products as part of unique marketing partnerships.

• Calling it “the beginning of a new era in football technology,” Wilson this month launched the Omega football, featuring “never-before-seen tech” that helps players get the most out of their throws, thanks largely to the weight redistribution within the ball. By moving weight to the middle of the ball, Wilson LABS engineers were able to produce a dramatic increase in the ball’s spin rate. 

The challenge Wilson LABS engineers faced was creating a ball that would perform better than the company’s existing product while maintaining the same specs (weight, size, durability). Since the overall weight of the ball couldn’t change, the team knew they would have to redistribute the existing weight throughout the ball. 

Among Omega’s key features:

REVTECH: The internal construction, specifically the redistribution of weight to the center of the ball, is the most important feature. The result of the redistributed weight is increased spin on every throw. 

RAPID BREAK-IN LEATHER: The leather has been pre-treated in the factory. When the ball comes out of the box, the coloring will be darker, the ball will be easier to break in and it will maintain its pebble grain for longer.

PRIME STITCHING: The stitching of the Omega looks similar to Wilson’s GST Prime; however, the company has tweaked a few stitching angles to fit the hand better.

METALLIC STAMP TECHNOLOGY: The Omega uses metallic stamp technology for all of the graphics‒the same technology featured on the NFL Shield Game Balls for the past couple of years. The advantage of a metallic stamp is that the coloring and sheen of the ball remain the same after the ball is prepped, giving Omega the same logo integrity that you see on Wilson’s NFL Game Ball.

• In early December Wilson and Tom Brady’s TB12 unveiled the TB12 x Wilson "LFG" Limited-Edition Football. A first-of-its-kind for both brands, this collaboration is inspired by Brady’s and Alex Guerrero's commitment to fueling performance, recovery and greatness through the TB12 Method. 

The collector's item features a reimagined Wilson "Duke" NFL football in black, designed with Brady’s mantra "keep going" and his signature in red foil along with an embossed "LFG." With only 300 limited-edition footballs produced, each ball is embellished with its one-of-one number on a Horween Leather hangtag.

"Wilson creates meaningful products for athletes at every level, but when we get to do so with one of the greatest athletes a sport has ever known, it's incredibly exciting," says Kevin Murphy, global GM for Wilson Team Sports. "The TB12 collaboration is especially important because Tom Brady not only exudes greatness, but is also a reminder to fellow athletes and fans alike that no goal is unattainable."

The TB12 x Wilson "LFG" Limited-Edition Football was sold online at and for $250.