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Under Armour and UCLA Partnership Drags On Despite Lawsuit


It may get a little uncomfortable when the uniforms get delivered, but apparently UCLA will continue to wear Under Armour this season despite filing a lawsuit over Under Armour’s move to terminate its contract. It comes down to the fact that there probably isn’t time to find another sponsor or uniform supplier.

“There’s too much lead time needed to go with another company and produce all the apparel needed for all the teams,” UCLA athletic director Martin Jarmond said in the Los Angeles Times. Disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic certainly wouldn’t make a switch any easier as the school attempts to pay a semblance of a sports schedule.

Earlier this year UCLA had filed a lawsuit against Under Armour for ending their $280 million sponsorship deal and the school is seeking more than $200 million in compensation. Under Armour, which had moved to end the contract in June after questioning the marketing benefits, has said it plans to vigorously defend itself in the lawsuit.

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