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Twisted X Supports Retailers with Rapid Response


A new program launched by Twisted X is designed to allow retailers the ability to directly access the brand’s inventory quickly and easily so they never lose a sale, while providing their customers with expedited shipping. The initiative, called Rapid Response, is a retail partner program offering direct access to the brand’s inventory with immediate order fulfillment and prioritized shipping.

Twisted X, which sells its products strictly through retailers, with no direct-to-consumer offerings, previously announced it was increasing its factory production and inventories to keep up with demand amidst the current industry supply chain slowdowns.

Rapid Response will be available to Twisted X’s retailers in four unique ways: Rapid Response Tablets: Retailers can directly access the preloaded gated dot-com site to instantly connect their customers with the hottest styles; Rapid Response Website: The site can be accessed online directly for retailers who opt out of the tablet option; Envoy B2B: Partners already using Envoy B2B can experience the same expedited shipping by adding RR to purchase orders; and Direct Call: Retail partners can call Twisted X directly and mention Rapid Response for a fast pass to inventory.

“The retail industry was hit hard during the pandemic, creating inventory and logistic challenges across the board, but through it all Twisted X has been able to take the burden off retailers’ shoulders with increased factory production,” said Lee Lemon, VP Sales of Twisted X. “The Rapid Response Program aims to elevate that level of service even further. This is truly a win all around as we’re able to quickly provide high-demand inventory to our retailers, creating an ease of selection for the consumer which converts into a sale.”

Note: Read more about this initiative and more in the upcoming September/October issue of Footwear Insight, highlighting brands that place a focus on partnering with independent retailers.