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We asked more than 300 consumers about their current footwear shopping habits. A key takeaway? Consumers are willing to try out new footwear brands... for a price. Of those surveyed, 72% say discounts/sales would be the top factors influencing their decision to try a new brand. Other top influencing factors included friend/ family suggestion (59%), seeing the product in a store (55%), sales associate recommendation (37%) and social media advertisement (37%).

When shopping for footwear at a shoe store, after spending time being fitted and finding a perfect style, do you feel it is fair to ask for a lower price as is offered online or elsewhere?

I try to shop locally at independent retailers whenever possible. I understand that sometimes they may charge a little bit more, but prefer to support local business whenever I can. I feel differently if it’s at a larger retailer. Female 44

If I’ve seen it advertised for less, I might ask, but not at a locally owned store. Female 54

LOL, I am a born hustler and love to try to get discounts as much as I can wherever I go. Female 54

If the price difference is huge, I may just go online with the new-found knowledge. But if it’s close, I’ll just buy there and be polite about it. They helped, it’s worth it. I’m not going to haggle. Female 44.

It never hurts to ask if they price match online. Male 43

The price is the price they offer.  It’s not right to try in change the price because you have seen it cheaper online. Female 27

I feel stores should match their online price. Not so much matching the price of other stores. At the end of the day, they have a business to run. Female 34

It just depends on the store. I wouldn’t spring it on them in the moment, I would research the store’s price-matching policy before attempting this. Female 35

I feel that asking to price match is not only fair but the store’s responsibility to be aware of such things Female 28

There are so many factors that play into this. If the price is significantly higher, yes. It really depends on the store and how the customer service was. A lot of times it’s worth paying a little bit more for something to receive excellent customer service. Female 37

I believe if you find it cheaper online, with free delivery, then yes, that store should at least, match that price. Female 57

If that particular store has a price-matching policy, then it’s OK. They can just do price-matching. If the store/ company doesn’t have that kind of policy, then no. Female 43

If the lower price is offered, I may consider to buy another pair with different color, or other style. Male 54

No, because I got a service along with a product. Female 30

I feel like that is cheating the store out of their skill and time. If you want a discount, you can shop at the bargain store. Male 36

I can’t think of a reason why I’d do this but I wouldn’t rule it out of there was a reason for it. Female 38

Only if it’s the same store I am at and the price is lower online, I may ask if they can match their online price. Female 37

I’m going there for a personal/professional service that is more and more difficult to find these days. If someone is trying their best to find a shoe that will help me achieve my athletic/lifestyle goals, they deserve my respect and understanding that the work they did for me is something you can’t get by going online or to a “big box” location. Male 36  

This survey conducted by MESH01 included 317 respondents, men and women, who are active. Trend Insight is a feature within Footwear Insight  that delivers research conducted on the MESH01 Platform. MESH01 collects data from a select panel of active and outdoor enthusiasts.